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Recently said that the SEO forum Seoer repeatedly asked how to do SEO optimization, how to blog keyword ranking to do the home page. In fact, Sina blog to do SEO optimization is good, there are disadvantages. Today we come to the topic to see how Sina Blog is optimized.

Before we do blog SEO optimization, we must understand the blog to do the risk of SEO:

1, the credibility of limited, suspected of advertising content blog easy to be blocked, malicious report may be their own blog was blocked.

2, the blog domain name is generally relatively long, difficult to remember. The blog content page URL is too long to be customized.

3, the blog function is very single limited, can not meet a lot of customization requirements.

4, blog to do SEO optimization, after all, just inside the page optimization, than professional single domain name website blog to be difficult.

Of course, use blog to do SEO optimization, also has the benefit.

1, the blog is free, do not spend money, also do not need to build things for the site to expend energy.

2, blog is not afraid of being attacked, do not worry about server stability and hacker attack and defense problems.

3, the blog has a direct large user group site, there are some sites do not have the function advantage, promote relatively easy.

4, the blog platform relies on its own main domain trust advantage, for the content included a lot of benefits.


In addition to the above advantages and disadvantages, blog seo optimization and site SEO optimization is generally the same. The following to Sina blog as an example, the bottom of the blog is how to optimize SEO.

The blog title, keyword, description, label, nickname, subject, domain name and so on are set around the key words.

Whether the title of the blog, or description, tags and so on, must follow the key words, and the best is the simple brand words, is unique. For example, say that SEO forum, the keyword is the SEO forum, the title is: said that the SEO forum, description is: The site optimization has been the problem of K has been down the right, said that the SEO forum for you to answer for free. and the blog domain name is http://domain name/shuoshuoseo, nickname, subject what, of course, also do so. Label, you should pay attention to the industry and its core business related. For example, say that SEO forum label is: The site was K, the site was down right, SEO forum and so on. This is only as a reference, I hope everyone flexible use.

Second, the article content title and text in line with the keyword density, illustrated, picture description and picture alt description around the keyword.

The title of the article to contain keywords or long tail keywords, the text of the keyword or long tail keyword density is 10-15/thousand words. For pictures, the request within 650PXX650XP, the best way to picture is the reference Baidu Encyclopedia. The picture below is accompanied by a description of the font bold four best. The number and size of the picture, preferably based on the distribution of content, generally 2 paragraphs or 3 pieces of content, insert a picture. If the paragraph has too many words, arrange the picture according to the actual number of words. The alt attribute content of the picture must be filled in, and is the keyword to describe the picture can not be the same sentence.


Third, around the key words within the chain optimization and the release of the chain, friendship links distribution and platform breadth.

Blog is also very particular about the inner chain and outside the chain. The inner chain of the blog should be inserted into the text naturally. Do not blindly a beginning, on the chain text of the anchor text processing, or just distribution at the end. The best way to inner chain is the middle and back position of the body. In addition, for the relevant recommendations, you can put the end of the article where the anchor text processing. Of course, the last place of the article, must add "this article by xxx original, if you need to reprint, please indicate the original address ...", please refer to the details of the SEO forum.

Outside the chain words, is according to the platform breadth to publish, must have the correlation, is generally a platform website (by the domain name different distinction measure), sends 1-2 outside chain (anchor text or text URL), each day a platform website can. For example, Sina blog, to netease blog hair outside the chain, then only need to release a chain enough, of course, the content should be original attractive. Otherwise, the external chain will be difficult to attract users, it will not play much role. The new blog, in fact, is also a new website. For the new station within the chain and the release of the chain, you can also refer to the "Super Cow SEO Experience: New station how to do seconds and fast ranking home."

Links are still essential to the content of the blog, but can not try quickly, it is easy to meet extremes. Friendship link words, generally 10-15 enough. For blogs, if you have enough resources, you can add up to 50-60, but the key words of the link must be different. That is to say friend chain key words with others exchange, is to pay attention to different. Friends of the chain of exchange time, usually in the monthly number 3-15, even if 16-25, also occasionally can be carried out. But at the end of the month 26th to the beginning of the 3rd between the general do not carry out the exchange of friends, easy to be Baidu K, this is the summary of SEO experience, but also the safest way.

Four, blog classification optimization and personal data optimization.

Blog classification is very important, preferably with the key words directly related. Because blogs don't have other properties like websites, you can add text descriptions. For example, SEO forum, SEO optimization Forum, SEO Learning Forum and so on. In addition, have to do a little note is that in the new blog, do not point to the links to other sites, otherwise, will lead to blog content is not included, even if your article is original. The other important reason that blogs are not included is the completeness of the blog's personal data. This experience in practice, found not to fill in the blog personal information is often not included in the blog, and filled out, the blog quickly be included. It is easy to understand the truth. Not completed, the user's uniqueness is lower, not trusted, or even considered an ad account. So. The personal information in the blog must be fully completed, and the best original, unique. For example, in the personal profile, there are major business related to their blog, but also related to the core keywords.


Five, blog focus on user experience, the content of the article in addition to original, but also should have a unique and hot.

In fact, the user experience of the blog itself has a very good standard, generally will not have a messy interface, there will be no blind window ads, more will not appear to load the site too slow to appear. Therefore, in the user experience aspect, the most important is the content writing. Article content, is a very difficult content, but also the soul of the blog. Write original articles, in addition to the previous mentioned around the keyword, there is the text of the keyword density. But that alone is not enough. The Internet, is the article flying in the world, if your article is not good, not attractive, do not have a unique perspective, in that case, it is easy to lead to repeat and users simply browse after the phenomenon of leaving. Simply put, is the user does not like, to the user is not very valuable. Give a few classes, for example: "If Lou for talking about SEO forum endorsement", said that the SEO forum to participate in Anhui Internet Conference, "said the SEO forum and Qin Fire Fate", "to the youth version of the forum to say SEO." And so on, simple but not concise title and content. Of course. In Sina blog inside, some is the scholar of Caigaobadou, in the article unique aspect has many cattle person article may read the reference.

Six, blog friends, comments, messages, sharing, reprint, like, favorites, recommended home, subscriptions, mobile subscriptions and other functions of the use.

Blog is a lot of functions, the best way is to give users the opportunity to comment. The best way to produce these reviews is to generate a lot of spontaneous comments from netizens, guided by the article. Another ingenious way is to organize or arrange some netizens to make deliberate comments. These comments are based on the topic of the article and the key words of the article to unfold. Generally, such comments will not be less than 100 words. And the purpose of doing so, that is for the blog, the accumulation of high popularity of netizens, but also for the search engine to create a very high degree of activity, for the blog SEO optimization provides a great help. Similarly, in the message, share, reprint, like, collection, recommended home page, subscriptions, mobile subscriptions, etc., can be those autonomous organization of the "navy" way to deal with, especially in the early period of the blog optimization process.

Seven, microblogging, light blog synchronization use, offline entity activities and online blog synchronization combination.

For third-party platform blogs, Weibo, a slight blog is the extension of these blogs, because after the expansion of the audience to share a wider number of users. As a result, after each article published on its own blog, you can share it through micro-blog and minor blog post. At the same time, in the micro-blog and the exclusive channel of Bo, fans, friends of the active processing, to create their own circle and popularity. And these circles and popularity, often is the loyal old user of the blog, more is your advocate supporter. For SEO optimization, these old user's active, the indirect embodiment of this blog's user experience is good, is a good blog. In addition, I mentioned the combination of offline activities. For example, the gift of book activities, offline Party, offline promotion and so on. Such activities, is directly for micro-blogging, blog promotion to improve popularity, bring new users, enhance the old user's blog maintenance and promotion process. Sometimes it's better to schedule an activity like this than to write more than 10 articles.


Eight, the official blog certification, the use of video resources and photo album utilization.

Blog can also be officially certified, the official certification of the blog more to the user a sufficient affirmation, but also to the user a brand affirmation. With this kind of user affirmation, the optimization of the blog is very advantageous. After the official certification, the use of video resources and photo albums, more is to give users an intuitive and real feelings. For an official certified blog, the introduction of a series of video presentations, activities, photos, clips and so on, are most directly to give users the real sense of proximity to the media. And in the Internet, these video resources, photo albums, is precisely the scarcity of resources, when your blog has and displayed, it shows its own uniqueness. Uniqueness adds points to the user experience of your blog. Why, because no one else, only you have!

Blog SEO optimization and site SEO optimization, are the details of the optimization in place after the results of the experience, whether it is content writing, internal and external chain of detail writing, or comment sharing, offline activities, all need a good planning and strict execution, to the Blog keyword optimization up to reach the home page, or even the top three!

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