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What's the use of surfing on the net? With Maxthon, probably many netizens will give such an answer. But can you really play the Maxthon browser 100% advantage?

In general, the default configuration of Maxthon has been able to meet the needs of the daily browsing, but if you and I like the quality of browsing more requirements, it may be further customized according to the following scenario. (Note: The following optimization measures are not necessary, all by everyone's preference)

First step to optimize startup speed

Through the "Tools" menu to enter the "Proud tour settings center." Cancels the "Check version update on startup" option in startup to speed up startup. If you don't use the Maxthon built-in feed reader, you can also cancel all of the items in the feed subscription to further increase the loading speed.

The second step to open multithreading

After you enter the Pride center, in the user interface Settings section of advanced options, locate the "open new label in standalone thread" to activate this feature. You can test this page ( on the condition that this feature is enabled/disabled, and the effect is obvious.

(This feature may have been activated by default, if your browser does not activate this feature, please follow the above method)

Third step to reduce CPU footprint

Start by enabling standard CPU-saving mode on the Tools menu, stopping flash and JavaScript on inactive pages to reduce resource consumption. Then "enable text filtering and filtering packages" in the hands of the "Proud Tour Setting center" campaign. While canceling text filtering can have a certain effect on filtering, normal filtering is usually sufficient for CPUs with less robust performance. If you have an independent anti-virus software and firewall installed on your computer, you can also turn off your pride and security monitoring in the "Security and Privacy" Settings center to prevent it from taking up additional resources.

Step fourth normal display pop-up window

Also, in the advanced options, locate the "Display pop-up window as a tab" in the Browse Settings area to disable this feature. This feature may in some cases cause Web site inconvenience and can be manually disabled (see Figure 1). This feature needs to be used with caution.

Figure 1 After disabling this feature, you can normally pop the window of choice expression on the forum;

If you enable this feature, the window will open on the new tab, causing some inconvenience.

Assigning aliases to search engines

Step Fifth Lock Label width

By default, Maxthon automatically adjusts the width of the label. The width of the Web page during loading and after the load may be different, causing the tab bar to move over a short period of time. If you click the Switch tab at this point, you will likely be incorrectly closing the label.

To solve this problem, you can set the label style to "fixed width label" In the "tab bar" setting in the "Pride Travel Settings Center". At the bottom of this page, you can also set the width of a single label, and the maximum and minimum values to the same number can also solve the problem better (personally think 120~150 more appropriate).

Step sixth specify aliases for search engines

Currently in the address bar can be implemented through the default search engine search for the corresponding keywords, but to switch the search engine will be more trouble, need to manually switch the default search engine. In fact, this feature can also be implemented through search engine aliases.

Open the "search" in the "Tour Settings Center", where you add the search engine manually (see Figure 2). Baidu, for example, specifies alias B, and the search string is "". Where%s is a wildcard character that represents the search keyword. Then add a Thunderbolt resource search, alias X, search string for "Http://".

Figure 2 Using Search aliases

Save the settings, in the address bar input "x naruto" can directly open the search page of the Thunderbolt. Similarly, in the address bar input "b keyword" can be searched through Baidu.

Note here that%s and%us represent different encodings, and if you search for garbled characters after setting, you can try another.

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