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There are things to "weave a scarf"-more and more netizens are becoming "micro-blog control." And for a long time, "micro-bo control" will find that the need to maintain micro-blogging more and more time, previously did not care about the small operation will become a cumbersome burden. 工欲善其事, its prerequisite. Try to be proud to swim 3 browser, will let you in "weaving the scarf" time, more comfortable, relaxed.

One-click to open Weibo

How do you open Weibo, enter the URL in the Address bar, or click on the collection? Needless to be so cumbersome, the use of 3 Web site "one-link" function, as long as the pre-set button pressed, you can open micro bo.

function as the name suggests, "one-touch" open the URL just press a key, this button by the user set up. Click on the 3.1 top left corner of the avatar, enter the Options page, open the "URL Direct" Settings page, you can set the "one-pass" function.

Figure I

"One-pass" function set is very simple, select the shortcut keys to use, optional range of "F1-F12" a total of 12 keys, and in the URL box to enter the corresponding URL, click Save, this shortcut key can be effective.

A clever collection of micro-blogging jokes

Weibo's 140-word limit not only restricts expression, but produces countless products called "jokes". There are lots of interesting and meaningful jokes on Twitter every day, and it's a hassle to collect. 3 Online Notepad is a good time to meet the requirements of collecting and controlling records.

Figure II

In the Proud Tour 3, select a paragraph of text and then right-click, you can send directly to the online notepad. Proud Tour 3 Online Notepad can classify information, easy to manage, find. And the content is saved online and never lost.

Streamline micro-blog side Sidebar

With the increase in microblogging functions, micro-blog sidebar content is increasingly messy, for the likes of concise users, but also gradually feel unbearable. Using 3 of the advertising hunters, you can easily customize sidebar items, "My site, I am the master."

First open the microblogging page, and then click on the 3 browser in the bottom right corner of the advertising Hunter icon, in the pop-up menu select "Edit Filter Rules."

Figure Three

An editable dialog box pops up and fills in the dialog box (blue area) with the following contents:


Function description

# #div [class= "UserInfo"]          

Remove the "Personal Information" module

# #div [class= "NEWCOLR"]          

Remove "Medal" module

# #div [class= "Widgetintroduce widgetH2"]   

Remove the "Application Recommendation" module

# #div [class= "Right_nav"]          

Remove "Mention Me", "my comments" and other menus

# #div [id= "ads_35"]            

Remove the "Recommended activity" module

# #div [name= "APP4"]           

Remove the "Hot topic" module

# #div [name= "APP20"]           

Remove the "people who might be interested" module

# #div [name= "APP5"]           

Remove the "topic of concern" module

# #div [name= "app10003"]         

Remove the "I joined the Group" module

# #div [name= "app10005"]         

Remove the "potentially interesting activities" module

# #div [id= "ads_36"]            

Remove the "Hot activity" module

# #div [id= "ads_37"]            

Remove the "Recommended Enterprise Account" module

Note: Users can choose to add according to their own needs.

Figure Four

Add the rule content, click the "Finish" button, the page will automatically refresh once, the new page on the show after the editing effect.

The above three "micro-skills", I believe you have learned that 3 in the "weaving scarf," the strong. In addition, there are small window, fast application, split screen and other functions, a little pondering, you will become a relaxed "micro-bo control."

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