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Feedback of the function, we have been familiar with the no longer familiar, but often in the design of the time to ignore this function, so that the product on the line after no channel for users to feedback, resulting in the initial product information collection obstacles. Or the design of this function is too arbitrary, so that users in the use of the time is very not smooth, user experience is very poor, so that the user feedback on the enthusiasm of the decline, but also reduce the user's participation. An online product, no user enthusiastic to feedback the problem, it is more frightening, because this is tantamount to shutting down the communication with the User A window, had to rely on closed doors to solve the problem, although a bit exaggerated, but also explained the importance of this small function.

The main function of feedback is to provide a portal in the product to allow users to fill in the information to be feedback, since it is to allow users to fill out, it is required that the first of the entrance to be conspicuous, can be found at once; the second is easy to operate, the user through a simple open, input, submit can be completed; The third is to be friendly, that is, the user experience is better, can have the reply, lets the user see our intention, gives the user a joyful feeling, stimulates them to use the opinion feedback the enthusiasm. In other words, the feedback function should be obvious, convenient, and then cooperate with the friendly design, attentive service, to give full play to the effect of feedback function.


When it comes to the placement of feedback functions, because this function is certainly not the core function of the product, it is doomed to occupy a small piece of the fate of the layout, sometimes not even the home page, but the inside pages, the proposal or to put on the homepage for the best. The most common is at the top of the page or at the end of the page, and now there are still many sites in this way, especially mobile apps, mostly in this form. But now also very popular one is suspended, is following the user's browsing page position, as the scroll bar up and down to move up and down. Such placement is to facilitate the user to see or find, in fact, feedback is that we have to ask for the user, so it is best to let users see directly, and do not need users to look for, so that the user experience is good.

There is a better way is guided feedback, that is, through the product itself to control the program to guide the user to find the input of feedback, and fill in. For example, when a product throws an exception, you can ask whether the user needs to send errors, many of the software has similar functions, when the software has no response, the system will ask whether to send error reports, the two most common is the QQ after the crash of feedback reminders and virus-killing software isolation file information feedback; Another example when the user's evaluation of the product below a certain level, directly appear feedback to fill out the window, guide users to tell which aspects of dissatisfaction. The advantage of this approach is that the product initiative to require user feedback, and the choice is still in the hands of users, can be more significant improvement effect.

Convenient and quick

With the obvious entrance, the next thing to do is to get the user to fill in the comments and feedback back quickly. The above mentioned when the program when the error of feedback reminders, is generally filled out all the information, users just click whether to send on it, this should be the ultimate. Here why to remind rather than directly in the program backstage to send, with the designer to respect the user has a relationship, inexplicably crawling user information will make users disgusted, and the initiative returned to the user, the user readily accepted the possibility is very large. This is why a burst of software active access to user information, the user will be strongly disgusted with the reason, because whether it is not related to privacy, these belong to the user's own private information, the user has the right to decide where to go.

Need to fill in, must ensure that the entrance of the accurate, do not hang sheep head selling dog meat, clearly displayed "feedback" four words, click into the user satisfaction survey, which is very hurt the enthusiasm of the user. There is a point of access after the issue of authorization, do not need to register login is very important, because a lot of time feedback processing and products are not a system, if you can not achieve single sign-on, but also very affect the user experience. Here take my own IT workers Product Manager Web site navigation to do a negative example, the end of the feedback is linked to the IT Workers Forum, users need to register login can start to fill out, is two systems, personal technical level is limited, can not solve. There is a new window open or pop-up window open the problem, preferably pop-up window, so that users fill out a good submission on the finished. Website class products say, the layout is larger, a pop-up window has no effect, mobile app products may be a whole screen of the page, when users fill out the submission, must be able to automatically return to the original user's page, otherwise very affect the user experience.

Smooth entry after the completion of the operation, must be as simple as possible, can help users to complete the part to help users automatically complete, reduce the number of users fill. Prompt to guide the information also to be as accurate as possible, do not create misunderstandings, these are the description of the problem, before you have seen a special description of the problem of two, found a simple word, inadvertently will produce several meanings, or to cause understanding deviation, in the sigh of the Chinese language profound, Also pay attention to check the text is easy to understand the description of the information. In addition to the automatic completion of the content, the rest to rely on the user to fill in the part can only rely on the user to complete, we can do is to expect users to carefully fill in and submit successfully.

Friendly and reply

In fact, many times to do the above two parts on the basic completion of the mission of feedback function, however, in order to allow users to positive feedback, appropriate to enhance the feedback of the user experience is necessary, such as the submission of success to give users a smiley face tips, encourage users to positive feedback, such as a little prizes or something, or reply an email to the user to thank him for his active participation.

Whether the reply can be decided by the product team, and the solution to the problem will be directly reflected in the later iteration version of the product, after the user has upgraded the new version and found the problem resolved, so it is OK. There is to answer, such as the user's new requirements, assessed after the evaluation should not be adopted, it is best to answer, to appease the user. So many product feedback management system is the form of the forum, users can go to see the results of their own, no forum, are users of e-mail to deal with.

For the need to collect products after the actual use of the user experience, feedback is absolutely a very useful function, development and design cost is very low, but can achieve more significant results, but because it is small function, so often not be taken seriously. If a product has a long-term development plan, personally think should be in the first version of the product should be equipped with feedback function, here can be collected in demand, there are bugs, there are other, as long as there are problems, can find solutions, without any feedback, Can only rely on product planning and the level of designers, of course, is not blindly follow the views of users, but is definitely a very good source of reference.


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