Solution for offline installation of. NET Framework 3.5 SP1

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I encountered this problem when I was preparing to deploy a TFs environment today. I found a solution on the internet, sharing this:

. Net Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 (full package) 231mb is the most complete offline installation package on the network. During installation, you are prompted to download the package online. If it is not connected, it will be troublesome, the Language Pack is downloaded here. Here we will teach you how to create a complete offline installation package for. NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1.

Solution 1. NET Framework 3.5 SP1 offline installation Solution
1. Download the. NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 (full package) 231 MB installation package dotnetfx35.exe, open it with WinRAR, and decompress it.
2. Download the. NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 Simplified Chinese Language Pack.
General Users download dotnetfx35langpack_x86zh-chs.exe, which is a Win32 System
3rd, copy the language package dotnetfx35langpack_x86zh-chs.exe to the \ WCU \ dotnetframework \ dotnetfx35 \ x86 folder decompressed in step 1. (For x64 bits, copy dotnetfx35langpack_x64zh-chs.exe to the \ WCU \ dotnetframework \ dotnetfx35 \ x64 folder .)
4、click to run dotnetfx35setup.exe, which can be thoroughly installed offline.

solution 2. net Framework 3.5 SP1 offline installation solution
when 3.5sp1 is separately installed on a machine without vs2008, No matter what full version or non-full version you download, to install the Program , you need to connect to the Internet and go to some other things, which is extremely slow. Even worse: the system prompts that there are 6 MB of things to be deleted, and then there are already 6 MB of things.
1. Download the complete installation package 3.5sp1 on the official website.
2. After the download is complete, run the command line dotnetfx35.exe/X to decompress it to a directory.
3. go to the decompressed directory and enter WCU \ dotnetframework dotnetfx35setup.exe/lang: enu
5. OK all the way.

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