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Revision, is a problem. More and more Internet company product personnel are aware of this problem, whether it is the revision of watercress, or Facebook's revision has been the user's crazy boycott.

Compared with the traditional 1.0 sites, the power of 2.0 website users is magnified infinitely, which means that the users have more and more right to speak in the development of the website. Any of the so-called revision, will have a certain degree of impact on the existing user habits, the user may be a large-scale attack.

This means that the website revision may require more intelligence and refinement of the operation.

Why need revision?

A website just set up, always strange and ignorant, the core value of the site has the most faithful embodiment, this time the website can be called the initial stage of the product.

With the changes in user needs and business needs, we will gradually make some adjustments to the site in order to better adapt to the needs of the development of the site step-by-step. When these small changes accumulate to a certain extent, before the product interface design and website architecture has been unable to adapt to the requirements, this time needs to be revised.

The process is a bit like the operating system, and we found it cool when we first started to touch XP, but as time went on, XP was getting more and more unsatisfied with our needs, and then Microsoft would give it some big and small patches to make it work better. But if one day, XP does not meet the needs of users and the business value of the company, then need to launch the next version of the operating system, is now popular Windows 7.

Website revision is for two things: User needs and business needs. How to smooth the revision, we look at what need to pay attention to the main points.

  1. Need Survey before revision

Web site revision and a lot of product development, will encounter the changing needs of the situation, which means that many times may need to repeat the work, and even some need to completely push back.

So it highlights the importance of the revision needs survey, you need to from the user survey, data mining and other ways to collect the user's requirements for the function, and you need and management to confirm the overall development of the company's needs, and then put a few aspects of the revision of the needs of the summary, for the revision of the time to use.

Perfect demand survey, the positive meaning of the website revision mainly has two aspects: first, lets the product team in carries on the product design and the development process, achieves the heart to know; the second is to reduce the time and user losses caused by the change in demand.

  2. Can not change as far as possible not to change

The website revision process, may affect the user to use the habit part, can not change as far as possible not to change. Website revision is to do addition, in order to make the site more and more good, rather than do subtraction.

And the user's likes and dislikes, is the test website revision is an important standard of success. Therefore, if there are some popular features, if it is contrary to commercial interests or high-level will, it is best to preserve the user's usage habits, and then give the user enough time to adapt.

  3. Progressive Evolution

Many website revision, the high-level likes immersed in the whole station brand-new joyful. But this kind of complete revision, often will lead to a large number of users lost, hard to cultivate the user may be because of aggressive revision disappeared. The bigger the website, the heavier the loss.

There is a very famous experiment called "Boiled frog in warm water", our revision will also be stable step-by-step, give users a period of time to buffer, so that users learn and adapt to new features.

If you need to change five channels, then one channel to change, if you need to change 10 functions, then one function to change.

Before the revision should be first, let the user know which features will be changed, what will be changed, what benefits after the change. Then in this process you can receive the user about the revision of various views, and then judge the feasibility of the revision.

  4. Online does not mean the end of the revision

Many friends, after the website revision on-line, always loose a sigh of relief, then psychology said finally finished.

But the revision is a means rather than an end, catering to the user and meeting business needs is the key. This means that the line is not the end, but a new starting point.

Then we should widely collect all the views on the revision, the sources of these views include but not limited to users, colleagues, industry friends, from which to filter out reasonable suggestions, and then the site to adjust and improve.

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