"Special Recommendation" woman 30 really like a wolf? This is the marriage of the family--the fate of love a family together to take off a single bar

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"Everything a man can see from a woman"
"Everything a man can see from a woman"
Men do not need a lot of wealth, but must have the ability to support their families.
A woman chooses a man, as long as the man has the ability to do, but also only experienced, will understand the original parents for women choose a husband's earnest, the young girl wants is only the heart, is the feeling, is the appearance. Never thought about the economy and the power of men. When you go into marriage, you find that parents are right. It is a pity to ever a knave, and then turn around for a century. The road is wrong, you can go back. The road of life is wrong, but no longer the past
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4, a woman for money backbreaking Labor, her husband must be a incompetent.
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3, a strong woman's husband, must be a normal person.
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5, a mentally derailed woman, her husband must be mentally and she is not the same level.
Vicissitudes of life of the woman, Day and night for the livelihood of the children's tuition, for the old man's pension fee and frugally, but also reluctant to buy a few elephant clothes. The days are hard and bitter. The
man should be like a man, the responsibility of negative men, let their own women shine. The
now mentions marriage and thinks "how long it will last".
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Later, the divorce was said to be "mistaken."
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1, a well-dressed, melancholy woman, her man is generally a successful career, the small secret.
2, a woman of Vixen type, the man behind her, perhaps the honest man who is poor in words.

I was going to get married and say "look at your eyes."
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One of the most common women to meet the right man, will also change the light of the people. If a good woman meets an incompetent man, she can only be a woman of vicissitudes. A man can make a woman, but also can destroy a woman. Although gender equality is theoretically said, men and women are never equal in practice.
Men don't need to be strong, but they have to make their own women feel safe.
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Previously mentioned marriage, think of "everlasting";
After marriage, Love is a joke.
Every woman in the world is a girl, all the changes are from the men, a good man can make their own women light people. An incompetent man, let his own woman face the vicissitudes of the world.

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There is a woman behind the light of the man who loves himself, has enough economic backing, do not worry about livelihood, day-to-day fitness, beauty.
Men do not need to be strong, but must have the ability to protect their wives and children.
Before marriage, Love is a myth;
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"Special Recommendation" woman 30 really like a wolf? This is the marriage of the family--the fate of love a family together to take off a single bar

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