Summary of Use of PS shortcut key and axure function

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First, Photoshop shortcut key summary

1. Shortcut keys

1.1 Public shortcut keys

Ctrl+o: Open Folder

CTRL + N: New document

CTRL +: Graphics Amplification

Ctrl: Graphics Zoom Out

Ctrl+alt+z: Restore to initial state with step-by-step undo

CTRL + Z: Only one step can be undone

Ctrl+delete: Modifying the background color

Alt+delete: Modify foreground color

Ctrl+t: Editing graphics

Shift: Select multiple shapes at the same time

Ctrl+r: Ruler Tool

1.2 Main Tools shortcut keys

-Marquee tool (Rectangle and ellipse)

M: Select the Box tool

Shift (Multi-graphics): Compositing two graphs (set)

ALT (Multi-graphic): Compositing two shapes (keying out the intersection of the 2nd and 1th shapes)

Shift+alt: Compositing two graphs (intersection)

Shift (single shape): Form standard symmetrical circles and rectangles

Alt (single graphic): Center graphic centered on start point

-Lasso tool (lasso tool, polygon lasso tool, magnetic lasso tool)

L: Check Lasso tool

Shift+delete: Cancel the final selection

-Pen Tool

Ctrl+enter: The pen tool is keyed to confirm before it can be copied.

2. Slicing Tool Web page connection making


-Format related images

-Store in HTML and image format

-Create related link paths by setting the slice option

Second, axure software use

1. Use of basic usage tools

graphics, text, labels, buttons, rectangles, headings, check boxes, list boxes, drop-down boxes, trees,

check boxes and other edits and use.

2. Complete page Copy with PS

-PS Complete the graphics slice, and save as image and HTML format;

-Proportional copying on the axure according to the scale of the PS;

-Create a Click event.

3. Conditional validation

-Create events (click, lose focus, get focus);

-Use tag hiding, text settings, condition settings (if statements) to validate and hide and display text.

4. Dynamic panel

-The Status page is divided into the main page and the main page, where the main page does not need to be set up, only as the carrier of the display status page;

-Establish the Status page and set the Click event to enable the switch connection;

-Changes between multiple pages set the change page to the dynamic panel and set it to hidden state.

Summary of Use of PS shortcut key and axure function

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