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Many friends work very busy, not only often overtime, sometimes also need to take the unfinished work home to complete. With the laptop is OK, if it is a desktop, each time you will use a U disk to the company's computer on the copy home, finished the next day after the handcuffs back. Trouble not to say, in case of forgetting, the next day to the company can not be able to do. In fact, as long as the use of a small component of windowslive, the company's Win7 computer to create a sync folder, the work of the data are placed in this folder, Win7 will automatically sync them to the SkyDrive 5GB free network disk. Also, setting up a sync folder on your home Win7 computer and logging in with the same windowslive account allows you to keep your home and company folders synchronized.

This component is Windowslivemesh, download the windowslive package, double-click to start the installation, in the "Select the program to install" interface Check "Windowslivemesh" can be installed into the computer. After installation, click the "Start" button, enter "Mesh" in the search box, and then you can see "Windowslivemesh" in the Search results list, click to launch it.

The first boot will be pop-up windowslive login prompts, with your windowslive account directly to log on. Click on "Sync Folder", in the pop-up dialog box to select the folder to sync, click the "Sync" button.

In selecting the device to sync, check "SkyDrive sync Storage" and click "OK".

When the settings are complete, Windowslivemesh automatically starts sending the contents of the folder that you just selected to the SkyDrive sync storage space. Once the delivery is complete, you can shut down the machine and work!

Upload the contents of the Sync folder to the SkyDrive sync storage space

Back home, the same also to the home Win7 computer installed good Windowslivemesh, installed after the same use your WindowsLive account log in, and then do not need to do any operation, Windowslivemesh automatically detects that there is a sync folder in the SkyDrive sync storage space under this account and synchronizes it to the current computer.

In addition to synchronizing folders, Windowslivemesh can also synchronize IE Favorites and Office templates, styles, custom dictionaries, and e-mail signatures in Outlook.

Friendship tip: It is best to lock the folder Oh!

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