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Designers basic Universal art, everything to understand some, CG, UI, UX, photography, typesetting, printing, web, merchandise, packaging, exhibition, animation, 3D, video, audio ... Pack Hill Sea Parcel Mail also pack to have son oh pro. Limit the range of points, do the entity, and not the visual ...

Don't look at those fluorescent curtains on the bright tide to wring out the well-known designers feel Lin Bei (Taiwanese, your old man and I will be so worshipped, don't be silly. Designers in Taiwan's workplace food chain is the bottom of the bottom, hard to make an analogy is 7-11 of the staff, pay almost, always meet the Austrian guests (Taiwanese: bad guests), often scolded, A pile of chores. The only place better than them is to sit still.

Some people's lakes and rivers, people in rivers and lakes, where there is no knife? Disparage each other this thing in the direction of the designer of the temperament is a piece of cake. Despise the Lian is a bright bolt, still do not conceal it!

But the designer's contempt for a big trick can be cracked: less long-winded, first cast the portfolio out. Strength to speak, as from contempt to jealousy and then to the surface of a good friend stab knife is another thing.

Industry Chapter

In the advertising industry, designers despise the information industry designers, not all rely on engineers to do something. The designers of the information industry feel that they are the cutting-edge of the times and despise all the designers of the industry.

In the game industry, designers despise advertising and the information circle of designers, but his salary is the lowest and most often explode liver.

The designers of the publishing industry at least have the lowest output center and business card 600 including printing the struggle of the designer can despise, and do not know where to despise the designer in the wedding center to repair photos, or do graduation album ...

The designer who came out to take the case despised the designer who had a principal. The designers who work for their own products companies despise the designers who work in the companies that take the case.

The designers who work in foreign companies despise the designers who work in the local company. The designers who work for a large local company despise the designers of small companies, and the designers of small companies despise designers who work in studios.

  Title article

Do animation designers despise to do 3D designers, just modeling I will. Do 3D designers despise to do the APP designer, 2 times yuan is not a plane, where complex difficult to get. The designer of the APP thinks the website designer is too outdated, the mobile phone is the newest technology. Web designers feel that graphic designers do not know what to do with basic web pages common sense. The graphic designer squatted down to draw circles in the corner.

Do UX despise do UI, will only figure out what users. Do UI despise visual designers, but get a visual, understand what ease of use. Visual designers despise all other designers, even beautiful pictures can not do what the designer, as well, do not take me as a plane, which is so superficial. The graphic designer squatted down to draw circles in the corner.

Interactive designers despise all designers, Lao Tze I pack Hill sea everything will be. The graphic designer squatted down again to draw circles in the corner.

 Tool articles

With ZBrush designers despise the designers of Maya. With Maya's designers despise the designer with 3DMAX. With 3DMAX designers still have to hide from the designers with c4d despise eyes.

Fortunately after Effect one party alone big, will sound will shadow? IMovie for shrimp?

With Sketch designers despise other ownership diagram software, but did not expect Affinity to rise. With Illustrator designers but habit was wronged into old fashioned not to keep up with the popular. With Photoshop designers adhere to the long-standing is the kingly way, in fact secretly steal for half a day also did not turn to a can be replaced enough professional software.

Hand-carved HTML designers despise the designer who pulls a pull with the GUI interface. With Sublime despise with Coda designers, with Coda despise Dreamweaver, more despise with PS directly output HTML Designer.

Use HTML+CSS3 to do web animation designers despise only out Chettu find f2e foundry designers. Originally also want to despise still use Flash designers, but do not know where they hide.

Can you eat it?

 OS posts

Using the designers of the MAC to despise the Windows system. (designers are there are other OS can choose Oh!?)

 Hardware Chapter

Using a MacBook Pro Retina designer to despise a designer with a Retina screen, can't you see the difference between blind eyes?

An IMAC designer on the table despises the designer with all other kinds of machines, including the MacBook Pro Retina. Except the strong man who takes the IMAC as a portable machine.

Get MAC designers and Windows designers to despise each other. Fruit powder will say: is a designer to insist on your strength of character, the MAC interface is much more beautiful! But Windows designers will choke: How not afraid of the machine tide to the water ah.

Take the drawing board of the designer to despise the mouse painted. The designer who took the Wacom board also despised the designer who took other brands. With Wacom intuos designers despise take Wacom other grade board designers, but old forget behind there are Wacom Cintiq sneer at.

Career posts

The designer who does research despises the designer who makes the vision. Designers who need a lot of logic can despise designers who only need to be able to manipulate software. The designer who understands the project execution team cooperation despises the designer who only good oneself alone.

Like to open up the specification of the designers despise according to the norms do all wrong designers. The designer who will make mistakes according to the specification despise even the designer who knows nothing about the specification. Even the specification is what do not know the designers despise the difference between PT and PX what different designers. The separation of PT and PX what different designers despise the RGB and CMYK mixed together designers.

The designers who run a certain community despise the designers who run other communities and despise the designers who are not running.

Designers despise the old Love Planner, PM, customers, bosses, but also despise the designers can not be instructed to engrave the interface engineer.

The designer who wears the fashion card despises the designer who wears only black clothes. The designer who wears only black clothes despise the designer of the strange dress, the designer of the costume dress despise the designer of the jeans of the years, but often did not expect T-shirt jeans package adds up nearly one months salary.

The old love put a certain big God recently said what words did what happened what text hanging in the mouth of the designers despise not in the worship of God's designer, obviously works are not out of the mouth of the one to do.


The moment of entry is destined for your salary. Depending on the 3D, advertising, UX, UI, visual, graphic and so on, there are different prices. Again, according to industry such as advertising, information, publishing, printing, gaming industry and so on again fall. Just graduated from the road, a 5-year salary can be one times worse.

But no matter how hard the salary is always lower than the engineer, want to make money do not go to design this path.

Remark: A very fashionable designer on TV, 10,000 designers to see if there is a way out. Even the well-known man of God, can not hide a manuscript N change of life. Small Qi to the lungs are fried, cherish life, away from the map, while young to change quickly, do not enter the wrong line.

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