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For a long time did not write articles, today to talk about the network Alliance's strategy and how to use the Network Alliance way to lock the search front end of the crowd. First I explain the search front, search front refers to the lack of intention to purchase the potential audience, no purchase intention is not now, need our advertising to inspire, for example, if we are doing cosmetics or beauty salon projects, our audience age is 25 years old and above the young women, We put the site is these women like the education site, then our picture ads text is "for children to toil?" also should reward oneself ", first our advertisement and latent target crowd resonates, simultaneously also lets the audience crowd produce the curious psychology, then clicks our advertisement to produce the purchase intention through the page present content.


This is a brief introduction to the concept of the search front-end, and then we talk about the characteristics of the Network Alliance, the Network Alliance and search promotion contrast advantage is low price, the quantity is big, the network union's flow is very big reason is the website Alliance 600,000 high-quality website advertisement bit, since the network union's flow is very big, then we should subdivide the target latent audience crowd, According to their interests and interests to put the corresponding ads to stimulate the potential audience to purchase desire, at the same time, another feature of the Network Alliance is a strong brand exposure, we use a large number of low-cost flow so that more potential target audience to see our brand, our brand awareness will also be corresponding upgrade.

This paper introduces the core points of the network Alliance and other characteristics of the network alliance, next we said that the network Alliance orientation Way, the network union orientation Way has the website orientation, the interest orientation, the keyword orientation and the visit direction, each kind of directional way has its unique characteristic, locks the different latent audience crowd.

One, site orientation

Website orientation means that our ads can be advertised in the league's 600,000 premium websites, site orientation we can only through the analysis of the potential audience people like which sites, and then subdivided, locking different types of sites of the potential audience, but also facilitate our later to do data analysis more clearly know that the effect of such a site is better, This is a method of data monitoring, and if the students who are familiar with GA can use GA to monitor the data of the AU, then there is a way to do data analysis.

Ii. Orientation of Interest

Interest orientation refers to the interests of potential audiences, we can subdivide the potential audience's interests and interests, the core point of interest orientation is to subdivide different types of interests of the potential audience, locking different points of interest in the potential audience.

Third, the keyword orientation

Keyword orientation refers to the time when visitors search for the keyword we are buying, our network Alliance advertising will be shown to the potential audience, keyword-oriented bids to the previous two kinds of directional way higher, but this direction of the purchase intention is relatively high, the core of the keyword orientation is that we can according to the consumer behavior model, From the desire to buy to deal, our keyword choice, different bids, then we can better lock the potential audience.

Iv. Visit orientation

Visit orientation refers to visitors to our website, so the next time visitors surf the internet to browse the alliance 600,000 sites, then our Network Alliance ads will be pushed to the visitors again. Visit orientation is a potential audience to buy the highest direction of the way, but if we need to use the direction of the visit, then we should be very clear about the current traffic situation on our site, if the site is now very small traffic, then we use a visit to the direction also bring not much traffic, Then use the previous three kinds of directional way to it.

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