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Now when you use Taobao browser to browse the Web, there are always some spam sites will have a lot of ads, a lot of people do not know how to set up Taobao browser advertising interception function, as long as open Taobao browser set up to start blocking Ads window function can be used for advertising interception Oh, the following and small set together to see how the specific settings bar.

Taobao Browser Set AD interception function method:

Window ads are the most notorious technology inventions in the history of the Internet (supposedly the brothers in the upper right-hand corner), past and present, are mainly used for advertising forced promotion, the most exaggerated years, the browser and even the system will be bouncing dead ~

Taobao browser ads to intercept the comparison in place, not only can intercept the window ads, but also can be customized to intercept embedded ads, but also by setting the site rules to achieve "want to play on the play", "let you play you will play" ~

"Window Ads" setting: Direct Check "Enable window ads interception" on the line, now more formal sites will not use window ads, in addition to the less formal site (to find a demonstration is really not easy!) ~

"Embedded Ads" settings: All check "Enable embedded ads filter (must refresh)", "enable the official recommendation filter rules" and "Add to the right menu", embedded ads is the mainstream, must focus on interception ~

"Alert mode" and "inline AD customization" settings: Reminders are not much to say; inline ad filtering rules follow Adblock Plus syntax ... No need to learn what grammar, directly right to add rules can be (see the picture below Animation tutorial) ~

Site rule Customization Settings: Some occasions, window or embedded ads can not be intercepted, such as OA or net silver or something, at this time can not intercept the site or page URL added to the "no interception" ~

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