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Because of the difference between security software and ordinary software, the method of uninstalling security software is different from that of ordinary software. So what are the precautions for security software uninstall? Let's take a look at how to uninstall 360 security guards.

Remove dangerous software from quarantine sandbox

1, Open 360 safety guard-Computer physical examination-Functional encyclopedia-management.

2, Functional encyclopedia-isolation sandbox, open the quarantine sandbox.

3, clean the sandbox.

Two, Exit 360 security guards

1, right click on the 360 security Guardian run icon, select Exit.

2, choose to continue to exit.

Third, uninstall

1, through the Start menu, find the Control Panel.

2. Select "Add or Remove Programs" in the Control Panel.

3, choose 360 Security guards, click the Delete button.

4. After selecting Uninstall item, click Start Uninstall.

5, whether to completely remove, select "Yes".

6, after unloading, check the following two items, so as to avoid residue of garbage software. After uninstalling, you can restart the operation to remove some files completely.

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