Teach you to use the WPS form if function Statistic year-end award

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If function format is: if (condition, result 1, result 2), its function return value depends on "condition", the condition is set, equal to "result 1"; condition is not tenable, equal to "result 2". The following is an example to explain how the IF function is used.

Open the WPS Mobile version, double-click the table blank cell style with the function formula, steps to: Find a custom keyboard appears above the gray indicator bar, click on the left of the "T" icon, open the WPS Mobile version of the table with the special input method, click on f (x), you can open the WPS Mobile version of the list of functions.

In the list of functions, MO saw the categories of functions such as "common functions", "Finance", "Mathematics and Trigonometry", "Statistics", "logic" and so on, where the IF function is in the "commonly used function", the friend who often contacts the data to study it well!

Although the year-end award calculation process is more cumbersome. But a mo can proudly tell you, WPS Mobile version of the powerful table function, support up to 300 functions and formulas, and then complex data operations, through the IF function can be counted out.

Take an enterprise annual year-end award as an example, annual year-end award includes the salary of the assessment bonus, the assessment level is divided into a,b,c three, the performance of more than 500,000 of the grade A (including 500,000), between 200,000 to 400,000 for the B-class (including 200,000 and 400,000), below 200,000 for the C-class, the bonus is: a= 8000 Yuan, b=5000 yuan, c=3500 yuan.

As shown in the above, D is listed as the performance of each employee, and E is listed as their performance award. To calculate the employee performance award, you need to determine the corresponding grade according to the performance of the D column.

For example, to calculate the performance award for "Showeng and", first open the IF function in the E3 cell of the WPS Mobile table, then enter =if (D3<=20,1500,if (d3<=40,3500,8000)) and confirm the Showeng and Performance award.

After drawing Showeng and performance award, hand pointing to the performance award value, and then in the WPS Mobile version of the "Fill" menu select "Drag Fill", and then drag the finger down to automatically draw all the employee Performance award, both simple and easy.

Often with the table dealing with the financial master, presumably for the use of Excel in a variety of functions more proficient. But to the students just contact the data form, to use Excel function to calculate the year-end award is really helpless, and from Mo above explained in the WPS Mobile version case, students should learn how to use if function statistics year-end award?

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