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Although banner long, but do shop banner or the first time, is the first contact jewelry class design.

Generally banner, all have his characteristic; the role of a banner in a Web page is more intuitive, but what does it show? How to show? The following is a discussion around these 2 issues.

What do you show?

It is difficult and difficult to say, but it is also not easy. Let's use the user's perspective to solve this problem.

1. What do users want to know?

To understand the user, you need to first understand the source of the user, in general, the source has 2 kinds;

The first is through the Taobao search engine into your Taobao details page, access to your homepage. This kind of user generally in your shop has a better development, will be more and more, the new shop, this kind of people generally not many. And this kind of person they usually have a clear shopping purpose, and a clear heart price; when they sift through the merchandise, they will consider the following questions: 1. Whether this thing is suitable for me; 2. What I want to buy is not the cheapest; 3. How the buyer evaluates the store.

3 problems seem to put the seller to a dead end, in order to profit, the cost price involved in prohibited information, words can not show it; good quality, it is impossible to sell so cheap, so many sellers do false evaluation to deceive users; This method is undesirable.

The second way, through indirect channels, such as sellers in a bar, Weibo left your store address, some curious people point to "mistakenly into" the seller's shop, such people generally in the early opening of the shop, occupied a considerable number of visits; they don't necessarily want to buy, perhaps just to see, understand the price; How to convert such people into a powerful purchasing power has plagued most of the sellers who have just dabbled in Taobao. And their concern is no more than: 1. How reputable are sellers? 2. What is the quality of the product? 3. Is it cost-effective?

We now know the general Taobao store 2 of different users of the needs; down, how do we solve their needs through banner?

2, how to tell the user, they want to know?

The first type of user; 1. Baby for me? When the user asks this question, so the seller's reaction is consistent; Yes, this baby is really good for you! And you are really the sum of heaven, it is the fate of the destiny Ah! This reaction is a bit too explicit; First you need a text description, tell the user, if you are selling clothes, please tell the user your shop clothes suitable for how high to the height of people wearing; if some special baby, please explain what kind of people, targeted, is your baby real bright spot!

And then you need to show your baby, if it's a costume baby, please note that your focus is on clothes, not models, while models can attract attention, but you sell her clothes, and secondly, please try a variety of combinations, there is no most suitable clothing, only the most matching clothes; good collocation can bring you *2+ Sales, you know.

2. Is your baby really cheap? Before there was a shop to buy mobile phones, propaganda very violent, because his slogan is: "Only earn 10 Yuan". Want to survive, you must have a profit space, "only earn 10 Yuan" slogan appears direct, can in the user's heart, planted a trust; They feel that your store is transparent enough, so they believe you; but in fact, the real cost of the baby, how many people know? To fight the price of the opponent, spell the lose-lose, it is better to sit down and frankly treat users to the cost-effective.

3. What do you think of the people who bought your stuff? This is really difficult to define, there are some unruly users are not make sense to you, if so unfortunate things really happen to you, then, congratulations, after reading the analysis below, you can no longer fear, also do not need to ignorant conscience, fraud; Users need to be guided, you can guide them to see something else; Similarly, you can guide them to let users see the strength of your store, users understand your strength, your professionalism, naturally will not be too entangled in the praise rate of this thin figure.

As for the second user, your banner to do is to let users accept you, let users believe you;

1. Reputation for the newly-started Taobao shop, the small turnover of poor, the credibility of natural relatively low, so you naturally can not with some years of the Crown shop to contend with, but have a shop experience friends will know, the higher the volume of the shop, the higher the operating costs, in other words, your store compared to the Crown shop, More is the price advantage, how to banner your price advantage to maximize it? Some marketing tools, "only to earn the sentiment not to make money" and other slogans for the new store, still have a great effect.

2. Product quality; When prices are low, there will be people who doubt the quality of your products, you can say: "I have a national certificate", he can also suspect that your certificate is false; The crux of the matter is how to show the quality of your baby, the real shot is a good choice, you can through the picture or video, You can use a watermark or a picture to shoot the slogan, for banner, my advice is the combination of words and pictures; on a banner, there can't be a single baby on the top, you have to decorate your baby through some embellishment, the choice of these embellishment is very fastidious, the atmosphere; Elegance, etc. you need to feel, through these embellishment and color matching to reflect, but also he can indirectly reflect the quality of your products and your professionalism.

How to show

Banner in fact very magical, a good banner can instantly enhance your popularity, change the seller in the hearts of users; I will use color and embellishment selection and typesetting, 2 aspects to explain.

Color and embellishment

Color is very important, color is the most direct to give the user a sense of the media, and some embellishment, some accessories, and color echoes, thus more reflect the feeling you want to express; design is actually the transfer of feeling! For example, I want to give the user an official feeling that I might choose dark blue as the primary hue, I will try to minimize the colors I choose, because I want to show the official rather than the fashion; everything revolves around this feeling and expresses a feeling, and what you've done is pretty good.


For typesetting, the basic requirements are primary and secondary, what is the focus, what is the most you want to show to the user or say, what is the most you want to let users know, then please strengthen it, and others, should be weakened, do not rob your focus of the limelight, so that the focus to maximize the prominence, so that users can see the focus at the first sight; and other minor ones, don't be too conspicuous; the user is interested and he will look at your details.


Said so much, are some of their own research and sentiment, do one thing easy, but do one thing, is not so easy, I also contact Taobao shop not long, do design time may not be a bit big God so long time, other not to say, this article only expect to be confused you bring a little feeling, If so, I am very satisfied. Wrote a voluminous 2000 words, and let me small ads, their own jade shop:

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