The function formula of Excel's automatic averaging

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In the process of making a table, we may use Excel to carry out various operations on the data, such as: Sum, Difference, quadrature, and other formulas to complete our operation. In the previous lessons we have basically explained the various operations of the function formula, this article again in the Excel table to find out how to average. We are in the production of a ranking of the results, we know the results of various subjects, need to ask the average results, how do we do it? Let's take a look at the word Alliance for you!

First of all, here is a score sheet, which has the results of various subjects, we asked for an average score.

① position the cursor in a cell below the average score, and then click the Insert Function button, as shown in the red area below.

② in the "Insert Function" pop-up, we select the function "AVERAGE" and click the OK button;

③ then immediately pop-up "function parameters" window, at this point, we can use the left mouse button to select the required average cell, or hold down the keyboard "Ctrl + left mouse button" to choose multiple cells, and then press the OK button;

The resulting average is automatically displayed in the cell below the average score. (pictured below)

Well, the average is already out, so our question now is how to get each student's average score to be automatically displayed in the average cell.

All we have to do is place the cursor at the bottom right of the average cell of the first student, at this point, the mouse will become a "black cross", we press and hold the left mouse button, and then drag the mouse to the last one of the students "average points" in the cell, loosen the left button, OK, so the average score of all the students to find out!

This article just take the performance table as a demo, tell you how to use Excel to average, I believe we will encounter a variety of problems in the actual operation, I hope we can extrapolate, flexible use!

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