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-there is an old saying in China called "husband and wife descendent, Huangtu". Today on the Internet, a couple once again use the action to verify the sentence. The couple use their spare time, one person to run a website, gallery ( and Cat wallpapers Cool ( Two sites like a couple, mutual help, both into the world ranked 4,000. Today we are very fortunate to have this interview with the couple sitting on our porridge.
In fact, in the beginning of the interview with Porridge, pot thought of the cat wallpaper Cool (, because the computer often replace wallpaper, and in Baidu search keyword wallpaper, ranked in the results page first, is the cat wallpaper cool.

Network love: A line of thousands of marriages

Pot (hereinafter referred to as pot): Two good, first to introduce you to you.

Burnt Bread (hereinafter referred to as the surface): Hello everyone, I am burnt bread, 28 years old, the former net name cat, responsible for the library ( maintenance and operation; This is my wife's vision, 27 years old, responsible for the maintenance and operation of cat Wallpapers (

Longing (hereinafter referred to as irresolute): Hello everyone. I am looking forward to, very happy to come to "computer Lovers" ( do interviews, in fact, our growth, and the support of everyone is inseparable, so I and my husband here in good faith to say thank you. Thank you for your long support, but also hope that you can always attention to us.

Pan: Two-bit is really polite. The following to get to the point, two have a website, may I ask whether this common interest to make you come together?

Face: No, our understanding process is relatively simple, in 1999 years of college, through the network meet, acquaintance, and know, is a net love it.

Irresolute: To be exact, I was lured by his sweet words:

Pan: Are these two websites created before your acquaintance or after your acquaintance?

Face: These two stations, is we come together after the creation, that is the end of 2001. These two stations are we look at them from small to big, step by step grow up, it can be said that we love the common witness.

Pan: Two are you a specialist in computer science?

Face: No, I was learning Chinese, but I learned word in college, because Word and Web page system to do tools FrontPage interface is similar, so soon learned to use FrontPage to do Web pages, and later self-study of Dreamweaver and other related tools software.

Irresolute: Neither am I, I'm studying statistics. I do Web technology, my husband forced me to learn, because he wanted me to help him update the site. In addition, I read a book, "Bake out your roast chicken", Taiwan, the help I also very much.

Pot: A lot of successful webmaster, are self-taught! We interviewed in the last period of the 123cha webmaster, but also self-study.

A mistake: the birth of cat and cat pictures

Pan: Talk about the process of the birth of the website!

Face: This say is a bit long, 1999 years or so, I use the free two domain name and space, do a picture station, called: Cat Pictures Library, can be said to be the predecessor of these two stations.

Pan: What was the original purpose of your cat and cat pictures?

Face: At that time, the site is just an interest, the original intention is to share my favorite pictures to meet friends to see, and then hear their appreciation, it feels very good.

Pan: How did this station develop at that time? For example, traffic or Alexa rankings reached how much?

Face: Because at that time to do the station is completely interested, so also did not pay attention to this.

Irresolute: I secretly tell you, not he did not pay attention to, but he did not understand, do not know how to statistics the flow of their own site, but do not know what is called the world rankings!

Pan: This longing comrade is very honest. Since you say to do this station is only the interest, later why bought an independent domain name to do the station, and did so successful?

Face: This is related to my work experience in the China Internet wallpaper Channel.

Pan: What about this experience?

Face: At first, just send an e-mail past and the Chinese net of the wallpaper station Exchange connection, just saw the top of the recruitment, and sent an email to try, incredibly smoothly passed.

China NET, is the first time after I graduated to a relatively large company, so everything is quite fresh, at that time I was mainly responsible for their wallpaper site update, the work of the day is to find a theme of the map, and then made, polished, updated, basically still quite relaxed so there are quite a lot of time to go around looking for pictures, everywhere browsing the site of the picture class.

That experience so that I have a comprehensive understanding of IT industry, but also to the concept of operating the site, have a systematic understanding. After coming out of the Chinese net, I decided to develop the website well.

Pot: To do a station experience, is not the main factor of your successful application?

Face: Yes. As far as I know, even now, the major network companies, still like to recruit personal webmaster or related experience of people.

(pictured above is cat and cat wallpaper cool webmaster: longing)

Benign competition: website also play PK game

Pan: Here we go, let's talk about why do you run a website on your own instead of two people running one?

Face: In fact, at the beginning, we are in the centralized operation of a station, is now the gallery, when I came out from China, on July 14, 2001, bought the first space to put wallpaper library, then can spend 1000 yuan; August 7, Also registered domain name; At that time let her help me to do some sorting pictures, change picture size These mechanical work, slowly she can handle a lot of things, hey, like a beginning to give some propositional composition, and then let her own to think about the topic.

But when she can Dudangyimian, we in the development of ideas, produced some differences, so on November 16, but also registered domain name, the establishment of the cat wallpaper cool, by her independent operation. Is there an old saying in China that a mule is a horse, and that it is brought out by the hand.

Pan: You are using PK way to solve the problem! Can you talk about the contradictions in there?

Face: Yes, according to the current popular words, we are in PK. She is a perfectionist, like to update the best, a little beginning, not to update, and I like the whole, a series of the total should be put on the whole to be called complete.

Pan: When you meet a general problem, how do you usually solve it?

Noodles: Not necessarily, anyway, I only say my opinion, listen to go in I will not ask.

Irresolute: Of course it's me! Or I let a lot of. haha ~

I don't remember her letting me.

Irresolute: Don't listen to him!

Pan: I first transfer the topic, two-bit domain name is very good to remember, can talk about the origin of the domain name, but also let us learn how to choose the Domain name skills!

Irresolute: Tucoo, too long, cut the wall plus cool.

Pot: A little meaning, I turn back to the topic, two to say the final PK results, now whose flow is higher, I feel should be bread bar, whether it is the time and experience of the construction station, you are dominant.

Face: From the world rankings you can see, these two stations at the current level, almost, almost!

Irresolute: Why don't you tell the truth? Now the flow is my high, my flow is almost twice times his.

Pan: Why is that?

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