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When you use your computer on a daily basis, you often encounter a glitch in the volume icon that is missing. It is usually caused by system error or shutdown abnormality. Without the volume icon system can not be normal sound, it is depressing. In fact, there is no need to worry about this, the following methods to try to get everyone back to the sound world.

One, the missing volume icon

If a sudden volume icon is missing while the system is running, you can quickly retrieve the volume icon by using the following method.

1, in the beginning, setting, point open Control Panel, open this inside the small horn "sound and audio equipment"

2, "The volume icon into the taskbar" hook hit, point application, determine, if the check has been checked, the first cancellation, and then checked again.

The volume icon will be displayed again in the taskbar, and click to adjust the volume. In this way, we can basically retrieve the missing little horn icon.

If you check the "Put volume icon into taskbar" Marquee, you may lose your "Sndvol32.exe" file, copy the file from another computer to the "C:windowssystem32" folder, and then try again. If the marquee is grayed out, the sound card driver is out of order, please reinstall the sound card driver.

Second, to solve the restart lost small horn

If the boot can not find the volume control icon, manually retrieve the volume icon, the next boot will be lost again, generally the system's voice service out of the problem, can be solved by the following methods.

1. Right-click My Computer to select Manage and open the Computer Management window.

2, click the + number before the "Service and Application" option, and then click "Services" to open the Services window. Under the Name column, locate the Windows Audio service and right-click it to select Properties.

3, if the following startup is optional, you should change the "Start type" to "Automatic", first click the "Application" button, and then click the "Start" button.

When the prompt is finished, close the Computer Management window, and the volume icon will not be lost when you turn it on.

The above we introduced the volume icon after the common solution to the loss, then we encounter such problems can be addressed to the right remedy, no longer for the silent world and worry.

Tip: If the system does not boot after the boot music and beep, in the Voice and Audio Properties window, click the "Sound" tab, the "sound scheme" selected as "Windows Default", click the "OK" button can be resolved. Similarly, if you want to remove some of the system from the sound, you can choose the inside of the "silent", the prompts can be a point not to save, such operations, the system click on the mouse or open a menu when the sound will no longer appear.

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