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Recently has been in the collection and collation of Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea, some of the mainstream of the electricity business site, including the brand vertical, there is a whole network of types of search price. In the website from these dealers we will more or less see some common places and interactive mode is worth the domestic electric business site to learn from, this time we mainly on its search results page analysis, summed up a number of points for your reference and discussion:

1. Page structure;

2. Class target, attribute navigation;

3. Display of commodity information;

4. Quick preview;

5. Page navigation;

6. Side bar Advertising, etc.

First, the page structure

According to the E-commerce management consulting company Groove Commerce to the Global 100 E-commerce Web site statistics, the use of two-column layout of e-commerce sites accounted for 79%, visible two-column layout is the current shopping site in one of the most common way.

Advantages: Relative to a column layout, it can accommodate more content, relative to the three-column layout, information is not overcrowded and messy.

Disadvantages: No one-column layout of the visual impact and the three-bar of the great content of the advantages of the volume.

The analysis of the site, the search results page layout More than the left narrow right wide type of two-column layout, this form of layout is usually left navigation (in the form of tree navigation or a series of text chain), the right is the content of the setting. At this time the left is not suitable for secondary information or advertising, otherwise it will unduly interfere with the user to browse the main content. User browsing habits are usually from left to right, from top to bottom, so this kind of layout of the page more consistent with the operation of the rational process, more able to guide users through navigation to find content, so that the operation is controllable, applicable to rich content, navigation classification of the site clear.

Second, class, attribute navigation

Europe and the United States larger online shopping sites, usually the current user browsing or search related to the relatively high category and attribute filter navigation on the left, the large area on the right is left to show the results of the product, at the same time with the browse product results related to the price, sales order, browse mode switch, set the number of items displayed on each page features.

South Korea, Japan's well-known shopping search comparison site has also adopted the "left class head + attribute navigation" layout way:

In order to make it easier for users to get to the category or commodity they are looking for, these sites will also be placed on the top of the area near the search results to place some shopping guide-type navigation entries.

For example: ebay for the package, shoes and other types of navigation to do a visual design processing, through the graphics plus class name, user-friendly way to make judgments and quick screening.

Default state:

When selected:

After the ebay search for "iphone4s", there will be the most associated with this model operators, capacity, color of the three common properties to the user, for quick filtering positioning.

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