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I'm studying XHTML these days, and I'm going to use it to rewrite my pages. As an alternative to HTML, XHTML does have a lot of special places.

I personally think that XHTML and CSS main role can be separated from the text and interface, is conducive to the implementation of different interface conversion, but the use of a period of time to find that, if not table, the Web interface adjustment becomes cumbersome, manual modification of CSS at least under the FP interface is not very friendly, Hopefully there will be better XHTML and CSS editors appearing, otherwise writing web pages is not simpler, but more complex, I personally think the price is very high.

The other point is that many of the tags in XHTML are used very strangely, and in order to achieve the functionality that the original table can achieve, I have to use some very strange tags (such as float) to implement.

All in all, I found that converting the existing pages to Xhtml+css was still a lot of work, and I began to wonder if the cost of conversion was too high and whether it was worth the change.

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