The magical application of simple and complicated fonts in WPS demonstration

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When you use WPS to demonstrate a new presentation, you can edit the text on a blank slide. And on the slide editing text and WPS text on the same as the editor, when it is necessary to beautify traditional characters. The following small series for everyone to introduce the method of the free conversion of simple traditional characters in WPS demonstration.

Operation Steps:

1, click on WPS Demo "View"-"toolbar"-"common". A new column will appear in the navigation bar.


2, select the text to be converted, click on the "Fan" button, a box appears, and then click "Convert to traditional characters."

Simple traditional free Conversion

3, just two easy to complete the conversion of simple characters.

The above is the process of the free conversion of simple traditional characters in WPS demonstration. WPS Free Conversion Simplified Traditional, improve the user's editing speed. Although simple traditional switching, you can download a special software, but also to install a variety of plug-ins, all kinds of trouble, now as long as the use of WPS can easily handle.

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