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Micro-blogging module is a micro-Bo open platform for Third-party users to provide access to the site does not need to develop the component products. The content of the microblog will be exported to the third party website, the users can interact with each other on the third party website, share the content, synchronize the information to micro-blog, and improve the user activity of the third party website. The revision involves the number of micro-blogging components 14, mainly including friends selector, Publisher, sharing window.

Design process

With the previous product revision process is not the same, the revision is by UDC and product collaboration to launch demand, interactive designers to play the most subjective initiative, control Design Center output time, and brand vision, page construction, product and development efficiency communication, small step run to enhance a better user experience.

Design Preparation

Find the problem (observe the user, mobile feedback, centralized grooming) (User objects: Developers and users)--analyze (combine scenarios, see nature through phenomena, combine data analysis with products)--solve problems (from whole to detail, solve problems with user needs)--continue to follow up

Design principles of optimal experience following design process

Principle one avoids letting users think

Reduce the impact of the user to complete a "think" or "task" of the noise, reduce the fork, reduce multiple-choice, for the user as much as possible to reduce the operation; provide appropriate hints for disabled important controls.

As shown in the Picture Sharing window, the background directly preset text, and in accordance with the current page rich text information priority, high-quality priority of the principle of default choice for users as much as possible to reduce operations, reduce multiple-choice. When you enter an empty or super word, the share button is disabled, forcing the click to appear accordingly.

At the same time, in order to avoid excessive user redundancy, you can provide personalized defaults, set personalized default selections for return visits, so that users can complete the form more quickly. This is because the options are often "sticky", that is, to retain the user's previous selection. The conclusion is that if the user input, it is worth the program to remember. The user switches between the micro-group and the microblog, and the background retains and remembers the user's previous input.

Principle two level clear, reduce visual noise

Hierarchical relationship needs to be based on logic and information structure, and it needs to be reflected visually. But if you use too many wireframe, thick backgrounds, it can be confusing-and counterproductive. In fact, a simple indentation can be a hierarchical relationship.

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