The overall concept of PPT typesetting techniques

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The meaning of the global concept:

Refers to the whole system and its whole process of thinking and norms, is to regulate the internal system of individuals and organizations, organizations and organizations, superior and subordinate, local and overall relationship between the behavior norms. And for the overall concept of people from the Organization as a whole and long-term perspective, to consider decision-making, to carry out work to ensure the healthy development of enterprises.

First, the PPT typesetting skill value Overall idea includes the style unification, the typesetting is consistent, the page alignment. As shown in the following illustration:

1, PPT layout skill style unification: Must have the good overall view;

PPT Layout skills: Slide style to be unified; In the PPT, the mouse clicks the "Slide Sorter" button, you can have a general understanding of the unity of the PPT.

2, PPT layout skills Unified style: including color uniformity;

ppt text and picture color, suggest not more than three kinds, otherwise it will be dazzling, the color clutter can not adjust the picture, may refer to the following example, directly choose Grayscale mode (saturation of 0%), and then slightly changed.

Third, the layout of PPT style unity: Font unity;

This includes font unification, not only the font, but also the color, placement position appropriate, font should not use more than three kinds of font size according to the type of text has a significant level.

Second, the PPT typesetting skill typesetting consistent: typesetting consistent (i)

One of the layout unity to have a sense of nature feel as much as possible use type of text or pictures appear in the same location on the page. It is easy for the viewer to read, clear the understanding of the hierarchical relationship between the parts.

2, typesetting consistent (two)

3, typesetting consistent (three)

Third, the PPT typesetting skill page face Qi. Neat is the premise of exquisite, is also a messy natural enemy.

1, PPT typesetting skills: page to Zizhi copy text method

2, PPT layout skills: page alignment of the use of reference line method

3, PPT layout skill: The page uses the Master edition to it

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