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As we all know, in WPS text, the default columns are presented in one column, but some people prefer a newspaper-like design of multiple columns. The following small series to introduce the WPS text in the use of columns, but in the use of the column is still to consider the content of typesetting.

1, open the WPS text, click the format-columns, the settings interface.


2, in the preset a total of 5 types to choose from, we choose one of them.

3, in the lower width spacing module, you can customize the adjustment, the right side has a preview interface, convenient for us to view.

4, do not think that only the 5 column types, in fact, we can modify the width, spacing, etc. to make a variety of columns.

The above is the method of using the technique of column in the WPS Word, the column settings, like other features, have preset types and custom patterns, and if you don't find the right one in the preset 5 types, you can customize the columns, and see the preview of the columns, and then adjust.

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