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1, first of all, we need to popularize the knowledge of network video player, as shown in the following picture, whenever a video, you click the right button will always find an option "about Adobe Flash player ... ", that is to say, the video use of the player is almost all Flash Player, Flash Player is the best?" Of course not, the efficiency of the Flash player is actually quite low, because the flash Player is small enough and has more than 90% installed usage in the user's computer. So the major video sites are using Flash Player developed by the player. What if there is a video provider without Flash Player? I believe many people want to see a video, but prompted you to first download an unknown player, angry you turn off the Web page of the experience.

2, since watching online video is almost all using Flash Player, then the problem is also out of the Flash player above.

3, after the installation is completed refresh the Web page and try again, if not, clean the cache (as shown below), and then refresh the attempt again, not to turn off the browser again to open the attempt, not yet again install Flash Player and restart the computer. Generally after these steps can solve the problem.

4, if you are sure that your flashplayer version is no problem, that is, you can use the local Flash animation but not online to watch the video, then see if the browser is disabled to play the animation function: Tools/internet Options/advanced/play in the Web page animation hook:

5, if your video has been stuck in the image shown in the "video load" for a long time to stay still, finally become a "video load Failure", this must be a network problem, check your network connection, the Internet is too small will appear this problem, when the wireless network signal is not good, and try to disconnect the reconnection:

6, if the video request for a long time to finally show the load failed, and this video you have seen elsewhere clearly sure it can play, then you consider your Internet location, if it is a company or school laboratories or other public places such as internal network or LAN, May be the administrator directly on the port to ban the video playback address, at this time need to use the proxy, but the agent's port you need to find their only line: Tools/internet Options/connection/local area network (LAN) settings/proxy server:

7, there is a possibility, your anti-virus software or firewalls directly shielding and blocking the Web page to see the video activities of the Flashplayer, you first try to turn off the firewall and antivirus software attempts, if this problem, open the firewall and anti-virus software to find the appropriate place to remove the shield can be.

Some video and audio files depend on the player windowsplayer in Windows, check if the player exists, if it does not exist, download the installation; if it does, do the following: title bar right-click/tools/Options/player/connect to Internert ( Ignore other commands), and then determine:

8, if the video is played when the memory reference error or other unknown error or exception, is generally a system of vulnerabilities and IE vulnerabilities, using 360 repair system vulnerabilities and repair IE, after the restart of the computer:

9, there is also a possibility, the earlier computer installed on the Internet browser version is too low, such as IE6, this time need to upgrade IE browser.

If the video is played with the following prompts, indicating that the video was blocked or deleted by the original author, you will need to find the video address again:

10. Try a different browser.

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