Three versions of Win8 how to choose the right One

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There are three major versions of WIN8 that we currently have: Windows RT, Windows 8, and Windows 8 Professional, as the Enterprise Edition is primarily enterprise-class, and is of little significance to our average consumer, so we don't think about it here.

 Windows RT

First of all, Windows RT, which is a version of Win8, is a system for ARM architecture, that is, an operating system running on a mobile platform (mainly a tablet computer). It is characterized by strong endurance and free office office suites.

Windows App Store

However, Windows RT cannot install software programs like previous Windows systems and can only be used by downloading applications from the Windows Store application store. But it still has traditional desktop systems and files, task managers, and strong peripheral compatibility.

Windows RT is suitable for lightweight users and is currently available only by buying surface RT tablet, which is tied to the device and not sold independently.

  Windows 8

Windows 8 is the most user-oriented version, Microsoft's latest force with Windows 7 Baton, an upgraded NT 6.2 kernel, and a new interface system-the "start" screen. A new ecosystem is built through Windows Store, as well as a legacy desktop system.

WINDOWS8 File Manager

With more performance and stability, Windows 8 has developed a new platform while inheriting traditional operating systems, and has spawned a slew of new types of computer equipment. The new system links the three platforms of tablet, PC and mobile phones in a complete way.

Windows 8 can install traditional software programs or download applications in the Windows store for the vast majority of computer users.

  Windows 8 Professional Edition

The Windows 8 Professional Edition has the full functionality of WIN8, while adding more in-depth, professional features, including enhanced data protection through BitLocker and BitLocker to went to keep information secure; You can host Remote Desktop connections on a WIN8 professional pc; Professional Edition Win8 can also connect to the enterprise or campus network through the "Domain join" feature.

WMC is now a Professional edition exclusive

Of course, before installing the Windows 8 Professional Edition, you need to make sure that your computer can support all of the features, such as the client Hyper-V requires a two-level address translation (SLAT) feature of the 64-bit system and additional 2GB RAM, in Windows Media Playing and recording live TV in center requires a TV tuner and so on.

The WIN8 Professional Edition is better suited for engineers who specialize in system management and data management, and for IT industry workers with special needs, which are not used by general users, Office users, and game users.

Choose their most suitable version of the system to maximize their function, and different versions in the price and the purchase of the way there are differences, especially WIN8 and professional version of the price difference between 1000 yuan, so still took the idea to start again.

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