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Thunderbolt is a new type of download software based on P2SP technology, Thunder 4 continues the previous version of the fast download speed advantage, we look at it some very practical application skills.

Tip One: Let the Thunderbolt suspension pane give us more help

If the thunderbolt does not appear like the Thunder of the suspension pane, it is possible to download the inconvenience. We just click the Thunder main window in the "View" menu, select the "Floating window" item, you can appear the corresponding icon. See the favorite content in the browser, drag it directly onto the icon, you can eject the download window.

Tip Two: Change the safe place for the download warehouse

By default, Thunderbolt installation will be in C disk to create a tddownload directory, and all downloaded files are saved here, general Windows will be installed in the C disk, but because the use of the system will continue to increase the amount of disk space they occupy, if coupled with the continuous download of the software occupy a lot of space, It is easy to cause the C disk space is insufficient, causes the system disk space to be insufficient and unstable.

In addition, Windows is not stable, Gesanchaiwu also format C disk reload system, which will cause unnecessary loss of download software, so it is advisable to change the Thunderbolt default download directory.

Click the "Common settings" → "store Directory" command in the Thunder main window to set the default folder in the Open window.

Trick three: Do not let thunderbolt hurt hard drive

Download speed now, so if the cache settings are very small, it is very likely to the hard drive frequently write operations, a long time, will be detrimental to the hard disk. In fact, just click "Common settings → configure hdd protection → customize", and then set the appropriate cache value in the open window, if the network speed is faster, set larger. Conversely, it is set to smaller. The recommended value is 2048kb.

Tip four: The Thunderbolt as the default download tool

If you think thunder is very good, that can be set as the default download tool, so click the appropriate link in the browser, will be used to download the Thunder: Select the "tool → Thunderbolt as the default download tool" command, you can pop-up corresponding prompt window to prompt success.

Technique five: After downloading the data automatically shuts down the machine

Often use Thunder to download a large number of information, in order to fear that the computer can not automatically shutdown it? Does not matter, in the Thunderbolt main window selects "the tool → completes after the shutdown" item, so once the Thunder detects all content downloading completes will automatically shut down the machine. This technique is especially useful for downloading things at night, and you don't have to worry about the computer being "idling" and using electricity.

When you are done, press the OK button. Thunderbolt will pop up a confirmation dialog box, it is recommended to select "also modify the directory properties of subcategories" and "Move local files", so that the software will be c:ddownload under the default created by the "Software", "Game", "Music" and "movies" and other subfolders moved together, It also moves the files that are already downloaded.

Skill VI: Efficient application of bulk download tasks

Sometimes you can find a lot of regular downloads on the Internet, if you encounter a batch of MP3, pictures, animation, such as a number of cartoons, if the usual way you need to add a set of download address, very troublesome, in fact, you can use the Thunderbolt's bulk download function, only add a download task, Can let the thunderbolt bulk download them back.

Small Tips

★* appear in the file name to represent any character. For example, a.* represents the file base name is a, and the extension is any file. Because * can replace any character, so we call it a wildcard.

★ Downloaded files are zip files (. zip), and the previous file name is English, but not the same, then you can write as *.zip, and select from ... To ... ", according to the actual situation to rewrite the letter to fill in.

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