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Thunderbolt 7 is a new type of software based on the multi-resource Hyper-Threading technology, as a "broadband download Tool", the Thunderbolt for broadband users do a special optimization, to make full use of the characteristics of broadband Internet access, to bring users a new high-speed download experience! At the same time, Thunderbolt launched a "smart download" The new concept, Through a wealth of intelligent tips and help, so that users really enjoy the fun of downloading.

Method One: Download address bulk Download

If your text document contains a lot of download address, one of the added to the Thunderbolt inside the download is too cumbersome, inefficient, slow, now installed the Thunderbolt the latest version, in fact, as long as a simple few steps to help you solve multiple files at the same time to add to the Thunderbolt download problem.

As shown in Figure 1

The first step is to make sure that the Thunderbolt is open, and then press "CTRL + a" in the text document (Figure 2):

Figure 2

The second step is to press the "CTRL + C" copy and "Ctrl + V" Paste, when the Thunderbolt has automatically put all the files in the text download address has been bulk added to the "New task" list (see Figure 3):

Figure 3

The third step is to "continue" the graph above, and then click "OK" in the diagram below (Figure 4):

Figure 4

The fourth step is to specify the download directory for the file (Figure 5), and then click "Download Now":

Figure 5

Note: A prompt appears asking "Do you want to use the same configuration?" (Figure 6), which means that the first step in bulk adding to the download task list is to use the same settings for all the files that need to be downloaded. If it is a direct point to determine the good; if some files need to be downloaded to another directory, one by one, such as the fourth step of the set!

Figure 6

The last step is waiting for all the software to be finished! (Figure 7)

Figure 7

Method Two: New Bulk task Bulk download

As before the old version of the Thunder, this method has been very practical and convenient, a lot of previous tutorials have also introduced this method of downloading.

Open Thunderbolt Click "New Task", and then point "batch task" (such as Figure 8), the Thunderbolt gave help information, according to help information in the example set up, and then specify the download directory on it, and then peace of mind waiting for the thunderbolt slowly download it!

Figure 8

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