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1, Word table play Auto fill

In the Word table, select the cells that you want to fill in the same content, and click format → bullets and numbering. Go to the Numbering tab, select any of the styles, click the Customize button, enter the content you want to fill in the numbered format column in the Custom Numbered List window, and select None in the numbering style bar , and then click OK to exit.

2, word in the clever lost week

Click format → Bullets and numbering, go to the Numbering tab, click the Customize button, select one, two or three, and so on in the numbering style bar, and enter the week before "one" in the number format column.

3, paste the content of the Web page

To paste a Web page in Word, just copy the content in the Web page, switch to Word, click the Paste button, and all content in the Web page is copied to Word as it is, and a Paste Options button appears in the lower-right corner of the copy, clicking the black triangle on the right side of the button, popping up a menu, and selecting Keep Text Only ".

4, Fast conversion capital Amount

Enter 12345 in Word, then click the "Insert → number" command, and select the Chinese digital layout in the number Type column of the pop-up number dialog box "One, second, three ..." "Click OK," then 12345 will become the Chinese digit "one million thousand to three to collect Wu".

5, remove the automatic numbering function

Click tools → AutoCorrect options, open the AutoCorrect dialog box, and go to the AutoFormat As You Type tab to find the Automatic Numbering list option in the Auto apply when typing group, and cancel the previous hook. This will remove those "annoying" automatic numbering function. You can also remove the canvas by tapping the tools → options, entering the General tab, and removing the hook on the Automatically create drawing canvas when inserting AutoShapes check box.

6. Draw a straight line without discounts

In Word if you want to draw horizontal, vertical, or 15, 30, 45, 75? Corner of the line, only after the fixed one endpoint, hold down the SHIFT key, drag the mouse up and down, will appear above several line selection, position adjustment appropriate after releasing the SHIFT key can be.

7, Subtraction loose input

I and I have a special meaning in the Chinese input method intelligent ABC, they can be used as the leading characters for lowercase and uppercase Chinese numerals, and can be applied to convert the numeric operation symbol to the corresponding Chinese character, enter + 、—、 * After I or I, press the ENTER key or the space bar to get the corresponding Chinese character add, subtract, multiply, divide.

8. Section Bold form Line

When you need to add a single or a few table lines in Word, you can click the table and Border button in the toolbar options first, and then select Line style and width in the Tables and Borders window, and then click the Draw Table button, and then draw a pen from beginning to end on the form line that you want to bold.

9, to create a neat word formula

After you use the Word Formula Editor to create a formula, if you feel that the formula is not neat (especially in matrix form), you can fine-tune it by clicking the formula, right-clicking in the Format object, selecting any of the formats in layout, clicking OK, and then selecting the item you want to adjust. When you press the CTRL key, fine-tune the item by moving the cursor up or down; Repeat the move up or down to fine-tune the item; Repeat the above steps until you are satisfied with the formula position.

10, text rotation easy to do

You can change the direction of text in Word by using the text Direction command. But you can also use the following simple method to do. Select the text you want to set, as long as the font is set to "@ font" on the line, such as "@ Song body" or "@ bold", you can make these text counterclockwise rotation 90 degrees.

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