Tp-link Wireless Router Setup graphics and text tutorial

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The router settings are divided into 4 main steps:

The first step is to physically connect

The second step, set up the computer Landing Router management interface

Step three, set up the router

Step fourth, set up your computer's wireless connection

< detailed operation please see below >

  The second step is to set up the computer Landing Router management interface

  1, Right click on the Network Neighborhood point properties

2, the following figure right click on the local connection select "Properties"

3, scroll down to find Internet Protocol Check Point properties

4, all changed to "Automatically obtain IP address automatic DNS server address" and then all determined after the closing dialog box

5, finally open an IE browser input Enter the following image interface final input password and password are "admin" #FormatImgID_5 #

  Step three: Start landing router to start setting up the router

  1, click the Open Settings Wizard (as shown in the following image) #FormatImgID_6 #

  2, enter the following diagram interface directly click Next

3, choose PPPOE (ADSL virtual dial) This option click Next (as shown in the following image)

  4, the following image of the interface to enter your at that time for broadband access to the account and password (must be accurate input otherwise can not access the Internet)

  5, into the wireless network settings (SSID: That is, the wireless network name can only be named in English, PSK password is the wireless network

Encryption code set not less than 8 digits in English + digits)

  6, set to complete the restart can be

  7, after the restart back to the main page click "Run Status" in this interface to view WAN Port "whether there are IP addresses and DNS servers

If the WAN port state is all displayed "" The description is not set! Normal conditions are strictly in accordance with the above steps to be sure to receive

Take the network address!! If the settings do not succeed, check that the settings do not follow the instructions, restore the default settings and try again!!

  Step fourth set up your computer to connect to the wireless router

  1, after the wireless router is set up,

  2, open with wireless network function of the computer, notebook double click on the wireless network connection, that is, the following picture of the location of the mouse finger

  3, namely you can find your own wireless network name Double-click the connection

  4, enter the password can be online

  I wish to kiss the Internet early!!

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