Unable to install OS resolution due to memory failure

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A memory failure caused an inability to install OS resolution. Memory is the central nervous system of the whole computer, which is loaded with the data transfer. Memory failure occurs in a lot of probability, the cause of the fault is also strange. Here is a small set and everyone share under the memory failure caused by the inability to install the operating system reason resolution.

Symptom: The office of a computer recently slowed significantly, through the inspection, found that useless files and junk files have been filled with C disk space, so intend to reinstall the system.

Computer through the system self-test, the boot into the system during the stagnation, there is no error prompted. In order to save trouble, the author put the backup good ghost system files of the burning CD-ROM into the optical drive, into the BIOS first by the CD-ROM boot system. Then run ghost after entering DOS and select the path for system recovery. When the recovery system progress bar is halfway through, the ghost begins to error (excluding the disc quality and the optical drive reading ability). Tutorial

Troubleshooting: The file has been copied successfully, so why is there a blue screen? Also after the restart N times, all to enter the desktop after the blue screen. How to do, I began to suspect that the virus, hurriedly in DOS to kill the virus, the results of no discovery. Helpless, had to format the C disk, and then reinstall the system. This installation is more bizarre, when the system began to update and configuration files, suddenly jumped out of the prompt box: XXX file error, and then panic. The hard drive work light has been lit. Had to restart, repeated repeatedly all the same failure.

The system is in the update and profile times wrong, basically excludes the CPU and motherboard, graphics card problems, because the CPU, video card damage intuitive performance is not lighting the system, and the motherboard causes such a failure is not likely. The doubtful points are focused on the hard disk and memory. Is there a bad way in the hard disk, or is the failure of the memory instability?

After the final replacement of the memory after the troubleshooting, in the subsequent installation of everything is very smooth, it appears that memory failure will cause the system can not be installed.

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