Unable to shut down the machine properly

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1, sound files, normal

If you set an exit sound for Windows system shutdown, the computer will not shut down properly once the sound file has been corrupted. Therefore, check the system's sound file is normal, it becomes the first to check the work. When you check, you can click the Start/Settings/Control Panel commands in turn. In the Control Panel window that pops up, double-click the Sound and Multimedia file icon, select the Sound tab in the Settings window that opens, and in the label page shown in Figure 1, select the Quit Windows and then set name to None, so you can cancel the sound of the shutdown. Then turn off the computer again, and if the computer shuts down correctly after the sound is canceled, the current shutdown failure is caused by the exit sound file. To eliminate this failure, you can reinstall the application that provides the sound file, or you can recover from the backup file, and if you can't recover it, you can cancel the shutdown sound directly.

2, hardware devices, compatible

You know that the Windows 98 operating system has a fast shutdown feature that can effectively reduce shutdown latency, but this feature is easily incompatible with certain hardware devices in your computer system, which makes it easy to The system is unresponsive when the computer performs a shutdown operation. Therefore, once you encounter a phenomenon that cannot be shut down, you can restart the computer system, click the "Start"/"Run" command, in the pop-up Run dialog, execute the "Msconfig" command, in the configuration window that opens later, select the "Advanced" tab, and the "Fast shutdown" of the tab page function off. After that, then the shutdown operation to see if the computer can be shut down normally, if you can shut down, it is true that the computer is incompatible with the phenomenon of hardware devices. To ensure a smooth shutdown in the future, you must set the Fast Shutdown feature to disabled.

3, power management, normal

Sometimes the Advanced power management function of the computer also causes the system not to shut down properly, so we also need to check the system's Advanced power management function is normal. When you check to see if the Power management feature is related to a shutdown, click Start/Programs/Administrative Tools/Computer Management. In the management window that pops up, expand the System Tools/Device Manager option in turn, and in the right child window of the Figure 2 Interface, expand the System Devices option. Then, in the Advanced Power management settings, remove the "Enable power management" option, and then try to shut down the computer, indicating that shutdown failure is related to power management if it can be turned off successfully. To eliminate this phenomenon, the only thing to domethod is to prevent the power management feature from being enabled.

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