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Now go to the electronics store and you will find that many brand-name machines are pre-installed with the latest WIN8 operating system. In China, most of the OEM brand new machine installed in the market is "WINDOWS8 Chinese version" operating system. View computer properties as shown in the following illustration:

If you buy a computer that has a "Windows 8 Chinese" operating system installed, the easiest way to upgrade it to a WIN8 or Professional edition is to click "Get more functionality for a new version of Windows" in the picture. You can then quickly complete the system upgrade by entering the purchased WIN8 General Edition or Professional Edition key. The whole process takes about 10 minutes.

However, when you want to install a new Win8 or Professional Edition, either by using a mirror downloaded by the WIN8 upgrade Assistant or through the MSDN Subscription channel, you will encounter the following prompts during installation to force the installation process to terminate. Tip: "The Product Key you entered does not match any available Windows images that are used for installation. Please enter a different product key. ”

This is because the OEM Activation mechanism for Windows 8 has undergone significant changes. Win8 OEM is the use of a computer network activation mode, see the "WIN8 OEM new Activation mode: Each computer's key is unique." The key that the computer used to activate the pre-installed system is placed in the BIOS of the computer, and the user needs to network to complete the system activation after purchasing the computer.

When a user tries to install a new system, the installer will first automatically detect the computer's built-in key and then match the key to the system included in the mirror being used. If the match is successful, the installer automatically selects a matching version for installation, automatically activates after installation, and if the match does not succeed, the prompt in the diagram appears, giving a solution to this problem:

Create a new TXT document, copy and paste the following lines of characters, save, modify the file name Ei.cfg (along with the suffix name piece modified). You can then add the file to the Sources folder in the mirror. If you want to save as an ISO image, you need to add this file using the ISO editing software. If it is through the U disk, hard disk installation, in the production of U disk Startup disk or after decompression can be added.






Note: EditionID can specify the system version to install. For example: core or Professional. When empty here, the list of operating systems included in the mirror is displayed for selection.

What you need to note is that you can cancel the Setup program to automatically detect the built-in key on your computer after you add this file. If you add this file, the computer's built-in key does not automatically activate after it is installed, even if it matches a version in the mirror. For example, you made a Win8 version of the image (containing the ei.cfg file), the computer is pre-installed Win8 Professional Edition, in the use of the Mirror to install Professional Edition (note that you need to install the retail version) can not be networked automatically activated. In this case, you need to manually enter the computer's built-in key to activate the system.

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