Use DBCC CLEANTABLE to reclaim space after you delete a variable-length column field

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When SQL Server deletes a variable-length column or decreases the length of a variable-length column, the size of the table does not respond automatically, unless the DBA rebuilds the index or reorganized the index. The variable-length columns include varchar,nvarchar, varchar (max), nvarchar (max), varbinary, varbinary (max), text, Ntext,image, sql_variant, and XML.

SQL Server provides a dbcccleantable command to reclaim the space of a variable-length column that has been deleted in a table or indexed view.

Let's do a test here:

1. -- Create a test table

CREATE TABLE testfreespace

(Column1 INT

, Column2 CHAR(+)

, Column3 VARCHAR(8000))

2. -- Insert Data


SET @count = 0;

While @count <



@count = @count + 1;

INSERT into testfreespaceVALUES(@count,' Test row # '+CAST(@countasVARCHAR (Ten)),REPLICATE(' TestData ', +)) ;


3. -- See usage of space usage






From sys. Dm_db_index_physical_stats(db_id(' fndblogtest '),object_id(N ' Testfreespace '), Null,null,' detailed ')


Alloc_unit_type_desc Page_count avg_page_space_used_in_percent Record_count

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ - -------------------

In_row_data 99.2710649864097 3000

(1 row (s) affected)

4. --- Delete the variable length column Column3

ALTER tabletestfreespaceDROPCOLUMNColumn3

5. Using the 3 script query to see that avg_page_space_used_in_percent is still 99.2710649864097 unchanged.

6. -- execute DBCC cleantable

DBCC cleantable(fndblogtest, "Testfreespace")

7. Run the 3 script again to see the following results:

Alloc_unit_type_desc Page_count Avg_page_space_used_in_percentrecord_count

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ - -------------------

In_row_data 0.382999752903385

(1 row (s) affected)

You can see now that the avg_page_space_used_in_percent has changed and that the space has been released.

For more information, refer to:dbcccleantable (Transact-SQL)

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Use DBCC CLEANTABLE to reclaim space after you delete a variable-length column field

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