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First of all, the use of braces {} to include the data, which means that the data of the array of data, not equivalent to the general data, such as: {"A", "B", "C"} is the data of the array.

Let me introduce you to the use example of the braces {} data.

Look at the table first.

In the table, look at the product there, "37" This product, a total of three lines, then, how to find 37 of the total?

Look at the picture below and put 37 of the total in the B10.

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According to the conventional algorithm, 37 of the total amount should be equal to: =B2*C2+B5*C5+B7*C7, which is equivalent to 10*200+5*100+60*400, the total should be equal to 26500

Below, we use the curly braces {} data through the function to make a one-time result. Look at the table.

The formula we use in the table above is: {=sum (IF (a2:a7= "37", b2:b7*c2:c7,0)}, so you can calculate the result.

Notice Oh, you FX formula bar inside, we can only enter =sum (IF (a2:a7= "37", b2:b7*c2:c7,0) this formula, after entering the good, and pressed the ctrl+shift+enter of these three keys, will automatically add a pair of curly braces, This pair of curly braces is not entered, is pressed out, please note.

The meaning of this formula is: in A2:a7 this area, as long as there is a product name equal to "37", then the number of the row is multiplied by the unit price, and then the product of each row together to get the final result.

The computation process, satisfies the condition the first multiplication, then adds each product together, this is the result, as this example: B2*c2+b5*c5+b7*c7, multiplies and then adds first.

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