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This tutorial will show you how to use the cloud filters, blur filters, levels, and curved tools in Photoshop to make a fiery red-box word. This method is not only suitable for the performance of the font effect, in fact, you can use it to create any shape of the special effects pattern, such as a heat-like heart-shaped effect diagram.

Note: This article takes Photoshop CS3 version as an example to explain, the other version (more than 6.0) operation may have a little difference.

The following illustration is the result of the final completion of the sample in the tutorial:

Final effect Diagram

It's important to note that because the effect of the Photoshop cloud filter is random, the results will be different each time you use the same method. OK, here's how to do this:

1, first of all, according to their own needs to create a suitable size of the Photoshop image document, the background color is not limited. As an example, we only set this to 450x338 pixels. The higher the image pixel setting, the easier it is to get more image details.

Figure 1: New Photoshop image Document

2. Click the "Create New Layer" button at the bottom of the Layers panel, add a layer, select the Paint Bucket tool, and use a white fill. Then select the Font tool, select font, font size, and enter text in the font panel. Of course, you can also draw other shapes you want to get. Here we take the input text "hot" for example, the font is Arial black, font size 150 pixels. Photoshop automatically creates a new text layer called Hot.

Figure 2: Creating a new layer and entering text

3, select the "hot" type layer, right click on the text layer, from the pop-up right-click menu select "Grid Layer", the vector layer text grid into pixel image. Then right click on the layer again, select "Merge Down" from the pop-up menu, merge the text layer with the white fill layer below, rename the layer to "text", and click the "Eye" icon in front of the layer to hide the layer.

Figure 3: Grid and Merge Layers

4, select the background layer, click on the bottom of the layers panel "create a new Group" button, create a new layer group and named "Effect one." Then select the effect one layer group, click the "Create New Layer" button, "effect one" layer group under the new layer, named "Cloud", and select the layer. Now set the color palette foreground color to white and the background color to black. Choose Filter > Render > Cloud from the menu to get a random cloud effect.

Figure 4: Applying the cloud filter to the layer

5, then select Filter > Render > Layered clouds from the menu, apply the filter to the cloud layer, and press the shortcut key CTRL F to use the filter multiple times. How many times you use it, depending on your personal preferences, until you get the results you are satisfied with. The following figure is the effect of applying the "layered cloud" 4 times:

Figure 5: Effects of applying the layered cloud filter multiple times

6. Now drag the text layer onto the Create new Layer button at the bottom of the layers panel, copy the layer, and drag the copy layer to the effect one layer group, above the cloud layer, and click on the eye icon to make the layer visible. The layer is then obfuscated. Select Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur from the menu. The numerical value of the fuzzy radius depends on the need, the larger the values, the more the final text (or pattern) effect becomes blurred. This sets the value to 8.

Figure 6-1: Applying the Gaussian blur filter to the text copy layer

Figure 6-2: Effect after applying a Gaussian blur filter

7. Next, adjust the opacity of the "copy of text" layer. This step is the most crucial step, it will affect the performance of the final effect. You can achieve different effects by adjusting the opacity of the layer. The lower the opacity of the layer (i.e. the more obvious the transparency), the more irregular the text (or pattern) will appear. Conversely, the higher the layer opacity, the more rules the text (or pattern) will be, the easier it is to identify, but at the same time the effect will be compromised. So, we need to choose a balance between the two. This example chooses to set the layer opacity to 61% to strike a balance between the recognizable and the image effects.

Figure 7: Adjusting the opacity of a "copy of text" layer

8, select the "Copy" layer, select "Layer > New Adjustment layer > Level" from the menu (or click the "Add Adjustment layer" icon under the Layers panel). Select levels, and in the Levels dialog box that pops up, drag the right white slider to the left to the point where the input levels mutate. and pay attention to observe the change of image.

Figure 8-1: Add the "Level adjustment layer" and adjust the input levels

Figure 8-2: The adjusted image effect

9, then select "Layer > New Adjustment layer > Curve" from the menu (or click the "New Adjustment layer" icon under the Layers panel, select "Curve"), edit the curve in the "Curve" dialog box, and turn it into a parabola like the figure shown.

Figure 9-1: New "curve adjustment layer" and edit curve

Figure 9-2: The effect after applying the curve adjustment layer

10, you can finally color the image, coloring a lot of ways, such as using levels, hue/saturation, channel mixer, or even photo filter tool. Here we use the color level tool to get better results. Select Layers > New Adjustment layers > Levels from the menu to adjust the "red, green, blue, RGB" channels as follows:

Figure 10-1: Adjusting the red channel color order

Figure 10-2: Adjusting the green channel color order

Figure 10-3: Adjusting the blue channel color order

Figure 10-4: Adjusting the RGB channel levels

Figure 10-5: Effect After adjusting the color levels

11. At this point, our basic work has been completed. As we have said before, because the effect of the "cloud" filter in Photoshop is random, even using the same method to make the same text or pattern, the results are similar but different. We just take advantage of this and we further process the effect in order to get a more dazzling effect.

Drag the effect one layer group onto the Create new Layer icon, copy the layer group, and rename the copied layer group to effect two, and change the layer blending mode of the layer group from "through" to "filter". As shown in Figure 11:

Figure 11

12. Now expand the effect two layer group, select the cloud Copy layer under the group, and select Filter > Render > Layered clouds from the menu to apply the filter to the cloud copy layer. Then pay attention to the changes in the image, you will find that the effect of the text changes constantly. You can get different effects by pressing the shortcut key, Ctrl F, and repeatedly using the filter.

Figure 12: Applying a layered cloud filter to the cloud copy layer

  Note : If you want to reduce the layer group "text copy" layer of Gaussian blur, you can delete the text layer, and copy our original hidden "text" layer to the layer group, and then Gaussian Blur.

13, we do the same, and then copy the "effect one" layer group, renamed to "Effect three", the layer group of layers blending mode from "through" to "filter color." Now select the "text copy" layer under the layer group, Gaussian blur again, the value of the blur radius needs to be based on the actual situation, this example is about 33 pixels. At the same time, you can adjust the opacity of the layer to get the most satisfying image effect.

Figure 13: Gaussian blur of the "copy" layer again

Finally we got a steaming hot text wireframe effect, as shown in the following illustration:

Final effect Diagram

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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