Use PS Channel to replace the indoor beauty photos plus the red Purple Tutorial

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The picture is a bit too exposed, the color is a bit messy. Color before blending needs to simply dim the character skin parts, and then use the channel to replace the noise, later, according to their own needs to adjust the main color.


< small map view big picture >

Final effect

1. Open the material picture, press CTRL + J to copy the background layer, enter the channel panel, select the green channel, press CTRL + A, and press CTRL + C to copy. Select the blue Channel Press CTRL + V paste, point RGB channel return to the layers panel, the effect of the following figure.

< map 1>

2, create optional color adjustment layer, red, green adjustment, parameter settings such as Figure 2, 3, the effect is as Figure 4. This step turns red to orange and blue to cyan.

< map 2>

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