Use PS to create their own personality graffiti splash word

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The text-making section of this tutorial is very simple to use just a few simple layer styles. However, the background part of the production is more exquisite, need to set a good brush, and then slowly painted up. You can also use the relevant splash material.

Final effect

1, with a white canvas to create a new PS file. In this example I use 580x300px at 72dpi, but I suggest you do this on a larger canvas, so that you have more room to play. I chose this size to be posted online.

2, create a new layer. Select the Brush tool (B) to open the Brush options (Window > Brush/or keyboard function keys F5 by pressing D to set the foreground color, using the settings of the brush setting options. I'll start with a regular round brush. Depending on the size of the splash effect you want to choose your brush size, you can choose the size of the space and the density of the splash point distribution.

3. After these settings, drag some brush strokes on the white canvas (your file). When you draw an underlying layer that distributes a splash of ink, you get the bottom of this thing.

4, Next, you have to add more, more focused dots in the middle, then we can write on the top. Create a new layer. Turn the brush option on again, which retains the value we just set. Reduce the diameter by 10 units and reduce the space by 30%. Spray dots in the middle of the frame, or anywhere else, as long as you like.

5. Now we are going to add some text to the dense ink. Select the Type tool (T) and select a font, such as gothic> (curvier) (you can find this font in, and the color is set to white. Type the words you want to put on this pile of dots.

6, make the text look more clear, we need to do some combination of options. Double-click the type layer to bring up the layer style, using the settings in the following interface. Finalize the final effect when determined.

Final effect.

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