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When I looked at Cape Seventh, when I bought the ticket, I saw the Meteor garden-the mysterious poster of the Emperor's secret. Why this poster will be so attracted to prunes mulberry, in addition to the glittering outside, that is the Meteor garden four words, the text week Wai are studded with diamonds, so I wonder how to put these diamonds inlaid up, if a row, Finish the line should be eye fine also waste it! After seeing Cape seventh, it's too late to go back and take this one. Poster, then the Internet search for a while, but can not find a larger size of the map, had to first point with a small size to make reference, spent a little time to think about it, haha ~ below to teach you how to make diamond edge Word special effects bar ...


First of all, good friend Google net, cut to the picture and enter the Diamond keyword, find the favorite diamond, the download will open to Photoshop, select the Toolbox/Polygon tool, and set the mode to the path, and set the edge to 12, the diamond box and press the Ctrl+enter key, the path to select the range Surrounding.


Next please press CTRL + C key →ctrl+n key →ctrl+v key →ctrl+a, select function table/edit/definition pattern, and press OK button to complete the definition.


CTRL + N keys to open a new file, and the use of Toolbox/text tools, and input related text, this side of the plum problem as an example.


Next, open the Layers panel, create the layer style, and set the following.


When this is done, the character panel is turned on, and the text color is set to white.


Press the CTRL+G key on the type layer and create a layer mask, and then select the redundant and more broken diamonds and fill them with black to hide them.


Hold down the CTRL key to point to the text layer, select and then perform function table/select/Modify/expand, and set 10 pixels, and then press Ctrl+alt Key, and then point to the text layer, it is advisable to travel set.


Add a curve to adjust the layer, the diamond will be lit and then set the blending mode to lighten, as for the opacity can be preferred to increase or decrease.


Add a new layer and fill it with pink and change the blending mode to overlay.


Next Use Brush tool, select the Star Mount Brush, add a little star Mans will have glittering, jewelled fu!

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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