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Daily update is one of the required courses for each webmaster. As the column gradually increase the number of updates, conventional means because of the heavy workload and error-prone, can not meet the needs. We are looking for a more efficient way-the idea is to embed the external program or file links in the page to achieve the "page page" function, as long as the changes in the page inserted in the page to achieve dynamic updates. There are many ways to achieve this effect. Some complicated methods can be used to embed JS files or make ASP dynamic pages by using programming. If you do not want to program, we can use the IFRAME tag or SSI (server-side embedding) is very convenient to quickly update the home page.

An IFRAME is an abbreviation of the inline frame, called an inline framework. Look familiar, right, it has a close relative is the famous frame (frame) tag. There are two disadvantages to using the framework: it occupies a valuable display area and is not conducive to maintaining the overall style of the site. The use of IFRAME can avoid such drawbacks. It can insert another file in the local page, as long as you change the inserted file when you update it.

The main format of the IFRAME tag is:

<iframe src= "url" width= "x" height= "y" scrolling= "Yes or no or auto" frameborder= "0 or 1" ></Iframe>

SRC: Insert the path of the file, the format is not limited.

width, Height: Defines the height of the insertion area.

Scrolling: Displays the scroll bar for the IFRAME frame. When set to Yes always displays, no is displayed when the file that is inserted only when it is set to auto does not display more than the defined iframe width.

Frameborder: only 0 and 12 values, representing no borders or borders.

In fact, the IFRAME has been widely used in advertising, such as the need for dynamic updates, do not believe you can easily open a personal homepage netease ( User site home page, to see NetEase's advertising code.

The SSI full name is Server-side Include, that is, server-side embedding. Choose "Insertàserver-side Include" in Dreamweaver, select the file you want to insert, very simple! The source code is simpler to only one line:

<!--#include virtual= "url"-->

"url" is the path of the inserted file

Its execution needs to be resolved by the server side. After the download request is made by the browser, the inserted file is automatically invoked by the server side. Because the insert synthesis process executes on the server side, there is no limit to the client, and there will be no different viewing effects due to browser differences. Also remember to set the filename suffix to. shtm or. shtml to be effective.

In the case of server support, SSI can also be used to replace the Dreamweaver library in a large number of sites such as site logos, copyright bars, and so on, in addition to homepage updates. Change only one file, hundreds of pages are updated instantly!

Server-side INCLUDE

Server-Side Support
Don't need
SSI Support Required

Browser compatibility
Only IE is supported

Ease of Use
More complex. Not supported in both FrontPage2000 and DreamWeaver3, you can only edit code manually
Simple. Directly supported in both Frontpage2000 and DreamWeaver3

The appearance of the page
Scroll bar appears when the inserted file displays a range that is larger than the predefined range
When the inserted file displays a range larger than the predefined range, the corresponding area of the original page will be propped up, and the scroll bar will not appear

In fact, as long as we open up the idea, the homepage quickly update the recruit son and more than a few, the use of layer or ilayer layer can also achieve page effect, but IE does not support ...

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