Use WPS custom form to help you easily convert date format

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Mr. Wu is an information administrator at a middle school in Beijing. Often spend a lot of time processing a variety of information data, "the most I have a headache is the teacher sent to each class student date of birth data form," Mr. Wu told the author, "because these date data format is not uniform, Need to own a manually adjusted format accepted for the database. ”

As an information manager for a school or other unit, you may encounter problems similar to Mr. Wu, often receiving data of different formats, such as "1998.12.13,19981213,1998 12 13 ..." and "callous" databases that only accept the 1998-12-13 type of date. So what to do next, the WPS table can easily help you to deal with these annoying dates, and then we come together to practice it.

First, sort the data by date so that the data in the same format is concentrated among each other.

  Sort data according to date

Second, the use of custom format features to deal with the "19981213" type date.

Perform "format" → "Cell", in the Number tab of the Cell Format dialog box that pops up, click Category (C): → Custom, and then type "0000-00-00" (without quotation marks) below by typing (t):

  Using custom formats

Third, the processing of various delimited dates.

Next, you only need to use the Find and Replace feature to replace the various delimiters with the standard date separator: "-". You can easily adjust the date format.

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