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FrontPage Web pages with FrontPage Friends, your main page, may have a lot of the same elements? For example, the main link buttons, the bottom of the page, and e-mail contact information are arranged horizontally (or vertically). How did you do that? Would you like to use a single page and first "(Ctrl + C)" To repeat "(Ctrl + V)" or to refer to a frames page? For the former, itself is the duplication of work, especially in the future when one of the elements to be changed when the trouble can be big (must repeat the same operation many times), it is not, but for the latter, practice has proved that the frame page is not very beautiful and not for the majority of netizens like! How can it be more convenient? After looking at the following, you will find that as long as you have FrontPage2002, to be in multiple pages to refer to the same elements, so simple!

   first, you have to do a simple preparatory work:

In the heart of their own website has been the premise of the overall consideration, first set up three single pages, put on the "to be the head of your site logo and the main horizontal link button", "to be the vertical left as the main link button" and "to be as the bottom of the page of the board description and e-mail Contact" These three aspects, and named after each of the names (as an example, where I have "top.htm", "left.htm" and "down.htm") saved in your Web folder.

   Second, no template rapid construction station only need 8 steps:

1, first insert a 1 row 1 column table, the table thickness, cell spacing, margin are set to 0, and then to the table and cell to the appropriate width (generally in pixels and 700-760 between the best), and finally to the table to "center" Property!

2, the first place the cursor in the above cell, click the inline Frame command on the Insert menu (which is a new feature that is more than FrontPage2000), and then see the "inline frame" with the default size of 300*150 pixels with two options set buttons (Figure 1 below)

3, click the "Set initial Page" button, from your Web folder to find the page to display in this frame "top.htm" and determine (the following Figure 2)

4, after the determination, you will find it with a scroll bar and size is not appropriate! Haha, it doesn't matter, you just point the mouse at its edge and click, when there are 8 black rectangular points around the show is selected, then double-click, in the pop-up inline Frame properties box, set the width height of the frame and its margins, remove "√" before "show Borders", and set the scroll bar to display as " Do not show "(Figure 3 below), Finalize exit! (Note: Then save the browsing if you feel unsatisfied, you need to come back and change!) )

5, again below the above table inserts a 1 row 2 column table, sets its width to be consistent, and according to need to set two cell width, and then prevent the above steps in the left cell, "left.htm" as an embedded frame page and set the relevant property values!

6. After copying the first form to the bottom of each two table, change the introduced frames page "top.htm" to "down.htm" and reset its property values to fit the contents of the "down.htm" page! (Do you understand the meaning of this step?) Oh, not too troublesome, you can repeat the first 4 steps to the "down.htm" Introduction OH)

7, save, the first name of this page "index.htm", and then through the copy to get multiple (your main link button How many copies of the number), and then a good name (can be the most convenient way to name, such as: 001.htm, 002.htm, xxx.htm)

8, edit the state, open "top.htm" and "left.htm" two pages, the main button settings linked to the relevant page. Here Special reminder: All embedded pages in the link button, to pay attention to the target page open way, or set into a new window (blank) way to open, or you set to "whole page" (the top) way to open (Figure 4 below)! Otherwise, there will be a great deal of confusion! If you don't believe me, oh, do you have a free time when you have nothing to test? Then, suggest not to use _blank way! Reason not to tell you!

Finally, save exit! Take a breather and relax, and then run your "index.htm" and click on the link link to see! Hey? Strange thing ah, just one-time to "top.htm" and "left.htm" two pages have made a link, how will all the pages on the effect of it? Oh, don't understand you? This is the "Embedded frame page" The Great charm of it!

Yes, I see! In FrontPage2002, we can quickly build a Web site without using its own template. However, after the words here, detailed each page of the specific content on your own to fill in the blanks!

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