Using PS Replacement filter to make motion wave word

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Water wave text contains two parts: Water waves and text, before making the need for some simple water wave material processing, the watermark processing clean and then save, and then input text or graphics, replace the filter after the simple color matching can be.

Final effect

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1, create a new file size 1880x1800 pixel, fill the black background.

2, now we need a beautiful watermark background, I chose this one, and then adjust the opacity to 60%.

3, click: Layer > New Adjustment layer > Hue and saturation, adjust hue is 0, saturation is-71, lightness is 0.

4, click on the layers > new adjustment layer > color, adjust the input value of 0,0.5,255.

5, click on the layer > new adjustment layer > Brightness and/or contrast, adjust the value of 0,-34.

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6. Create a new top layer, fill it with black, change the blending mode to multiply the bottom, then paint with white soft edge brush, this is to make the halo effect of the dense, and finally save it as PSD format.

7, add your logo or text image.

8, add replacement filter, the value is as follows, the sixth step to save the PSD, blending mode into linear dodge.

9, this is the result you see now, the effect depends on your watermark texture of the image, you can try different versions, satisfactory so far.

10, click on Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur, the numerical setting is as follows.

11, add a mask for the layer, and then use the slightest brush to smear the logo edge, top, bottom, etc., so that it looks more like in the water.

12, finally, the duplicate wave ripple of the layer after the top, variable mixing mode for superposition.

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