Using PS to make simple 3D stereo words

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Effect chart

Material map

Production process:

It doesn't matter if you write the font on the material map first.

Then click on the font layer, press the right button, select the grid text, so that the font into a picture. Then press ctrl+t, right button to select Zoom, some version write free transform

Make the font fit for size. The following figure:

Then while holding down the ctrl+alt+ or down ARROW keys, I have been pressing the 12 copies, as shown below:

Then hold down the shit first, then click on all the shows I love the sea copy, click on the small triangle, click on the merge layer, this layer is named "I love the Sea copy", and then hold down the CTRL key, click on "I love the Sea" the small thumbnail of this layer, as shown in the following figure:

Continue to the previous step, load the selection, then create a new layer, and then fill the color on this layer, I filled in yellow, the following figure:

Then again, hold down the CTRL key, and now click the "I love the ocean copy" layer, as shown below:

After loading the selection, fill the color to this layer, I filled the lavender, there are three-dimensional effect of the word. The following figure:

Next is to do a little reflection of the font, according to the method, first hold down the shit key, the newly created two layers and "I love the Sea" and "I love the sea copy" four layers into a layer, and then copy this layer, moved to the corresponding position, the following figure:

The opacity of this layer's layer copy is modulated by about 25%, as shown in the following figure:

Click the rectangular marquee in the toolbox, its feather value is set to 3, and then select the lower half of the font to remove it, a little reflection of the feeling on the line, not the whole word. And then remove the bottom of the top layer a little bit, so that the font seems to dissolve with the sea feeling. The following figure:

Add the following lighting effect, create a new layer, casually write the word up, the following figure:

Select Filter-Blur-Gaussian blur, parameter I set 6. The effect is as follows:

Then turn on the filter-blur-motion blur, adjust to the 90-degree angle, and then adjust the parameters, the effect is as follows:

Then use the free transform to make the right direction, as the following figure:

The final effect is as follows:

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