Using the Word table function to realize the function of the manuscript

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Although in Word has the manuscript function, but this manuscript function is limited, for example cannot make the blank paper in a file, because as long as uses the manuscript function, then all text in this document is circled in the manuscript, even if the newest Word2003 also cannot realize. So how do we do that? Let's make a balance sheet to illustrate our ability to customize the form to implement blank pads.

To do this: click "Table/Insert/Table ..." command, the Insert Table dialog box appears, enter "3" in "Number of columns", enter the number of rows to fill in as needed, such as "4", and select "Fixed width" in the width item, where the width of the middle column is smaller. For example, the value is 6.0, used to split the Chinese and English, the remaining two cell widths can be equal, click the OK button. Right-click, in the pop-up dialog box select "Table Properties" pop-up "Table Properties" dialog box, in the dialog box that pops up, select the Options button under the Table tab, cancel the automatically resize to fit content option in the pop-up dialog box, and then click the Borders and Shading button to set the table to no borders. Then set the first to third column to the left alignment, as for the number of rows and fewer, depending on the content to decide to add rows or delete rows.

⑴ inserts a two-row table

Click the "Table/insert/Table ..." command, the Insert Table dialog box appears, enter "20" in "Number of columns", enter "2" in the number of rows, select fixed width in the width item, and a value of 6.0, and click OK to insert a 20 column x2 row table in the document. Select all cells in the second row, and select merge Cells in the right-click menu to merge all cells in the second row. Select the first row, right click, in the pop-up dialog box, select Table Properties Pop-up Table Properties dialog box, select the Rows tab, set the height of rows to 6.0, the row height from the minimum value set to fixed value. Then place the cursor in the second row, set the row height to 4.0 for the second row, and click OK to exit.

⑵ Copy, Paste table

Click the four arrow icon on the top left to select the entire table and press CTRL + C to copy it. Then put the cursor in the table below the hard return mark, press the "CTRL + V" for pasting, press "Ctrl + V", you can get the required composition of the manuscript paper. For the complete 16 open manuscript production, the above method to copy to the right half of the.

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