Using wildcard characters to implement special replacement of Word documents

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The "Find Replace" feature in Word is powerful enough to simply find replacements for a particular character or phrase and, if used in conjunction with wildcards, can achieve some of the special needs of our day-to-day office, thus greatly improving our office efficiency.

1. Add an underscore to the completion of the form filling air

The most troublesome thing in making an English paper reading comprehension is to enter an underlined number in an English article. The general approach is to use the "Format Painter" tool to copy the format one by one, can you use the format replacement method to achieve it? The answer is yes.

When you enter these underlined digits, you do not have to set any formatting or add too many spaces around them. When you are finished, select the text, press the "CTRL+H" key combination to open the Find and Replace dialog box, switch to the Replace tab, click the Advanced button, tick the "Use wildcard" check box, and select the Find What box enter [0-9]{1, "(Where [0-9]{1,}" represents more than 1 digits), enter "^32^&^32" in the Replace with box (that is, a half-width space before and after the number found, where "^32" is a half-width space, "^&" The number to find, as shown in Figure 1.

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Click the Format button below the dialog box, select the Font command, select the desired underline line in the pop-up dialog box, and then return to the Replace dialog box, click Replace All to see the replacement effect (Figure 2).

Tip: The current operation is the selected text to operate, after the replacement is prompted to do not find the rest of the document, at this time mayors "No."

2. Change the period between numbers to decimal

In the text entry, often encounter the number of decimal points mistakenly entered into a period. , when replacing, be aware that if a period appears in the middle of a number, it needs to be converted to a decimal point, "."; If a period does not need to be replaced at the end of a number, you cannot simply look up a period and then replace it with a decimal point.

You can easily solve this problem by using the wildcard character lookup method. Open the Replace dialog box, tick the Use wildcard check box, and enter in the Find What box ([0-9]{1,}). ([0-9]{1,}) ", which means finding the middle of a number containing". , and enter "1.2" in the Replace with box (where "1" and "2" represent the original numeric string, respectively). "Around two numeric expressions, as shown in Figure 3, click the Replace All button, the number between." "It's all replaced with a decimal point.

3. Delete the spaces in the Chinese and English mixed rows

If you encounter a mixture of Chinese and English in the document there are many spaces, and sometimes more than one consecutive space, how to remove the space in the same time to retain the space between English words? Because of the complexity of the conditions involved, a replacement is indeed difficult, so after several attempts to find the following two steps to replace the implementation.

The first thing you want to do is to change multiple contiguous spaces in a document into a half-width space by looking for ^32{1 in the Replace dialog box with wildcard characters. "(meaning more than one space), enter" ^32 "in the Replace with box so that multiple consecutive spaces are replaced with one half-width space.

Then change find content to ([!a-za-z]) () ([!a-z,a-z]), which is to find spaces between non-English characters, where "[!a-za-z]" means any character other than uppercase and lowercase letters, enter "13" in the Replace with box, and click Replace All button, you can see that the rest of the extra space is removed (Figure 4), except for the space reservation between English.

The wildcard substitution feature in Word

is really powerful, and it helps us solve many of the problems in our day-to-day office.

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