VMware Virtual machine installation OS X mountain Lion System Graphics tutorial

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VMware Virtual machine installation OS X mountain lion System

The installation process is described in a word, that is, slow, about 2-3 hours, look at the machine performance and your RP, my configuration: i5-2557m,4gb,win7 x64

Running speed can only say more slowly!. 100 times times slower than a real Apple computer. So, impatient people don't look at it.

First, the things to be aware of:

1. Intel CPUs must be used and hardware virtualization is supported

  You can use a virtual machine when hardware virtualization is yes or locked on, if your CPU supports hardware-level virtual mode but hardware virtualization is displayed as locked off, you are not open, Enter the BIOS to open.

2. The machine memory is less than 4G do not install.

3. Need to have at least 15GB hard disk free space, if want to decorate things, preferably larger.

4.XP System no test, I don't know.

What you need to download:

1.Vmware Vmware Workstation Technology Preview 2012 Download: Http://kuai.xunlei.com/d/OBNGJMHGYAJP

  License Key:

  Use this version of the virtual machine to boot faster

2.mac Patch: Http://kuai.xunlei.com/d/OSFQXNCHMGCH

3.OS X Mountain Lion GM system seeds: Http://yunpan.cn/lk/08ptxhvjvu

4.ultraiso Soft Disk Pass:

5.7-zip Decompression Software

Preparatory work:

1. After downloading the system, use 7-zip to open, find install OS X Mountain Lion.appContentsSharedSupportInstallESD.dmg file, extract

Then use 7-zip open installesd.dmg file, find INSTALLMACOSX.PKGINSTALLESD.DMG, extract

Then use UltraISO to open later extracted installesd.dmg, convert to ISO (tool format conversion)

Conversion completed to get a installesd.iso, the previous extraction of the two DMG files can be deleted, save disk space

  2. Install good Vmware8, decompression download mac patch, open unlock-all-v110windows, run install.cmd with admin rights!!

Formal Installation

Open Vmware8

New Virtual machine

Here, select the Installesd.iso file after the conversion.

Storage location, you can change (at least 15GB space)

Minimum change to 2, four thread processor, recommended to 4

At least 2048

  Here must be a custom hardware, not the point of completion

The vm>power>power on to BIOS is selected on the menu bar below

Select Boot Manager

Here is not a panic, to wait a little while!! You must be patient.

Enter the installation interface, select the language here just started the mouse can only move, can not click. Be patient for about 10 minutes, try again, just wait a little longer.

can choose English or Simplified Chinese

Choose English as an example later in this tutorial

Finish the red dot in the upper left corner of the point to close the window

Installation speed can be counted, must be patient and so on!!

To here is not infinite chrysanthemum, must wait ... This time will be longer, look at the machine performance, about 1 hours ... You can do something else first.

The following is a few customization settings, you look at the settings on the line

Finally, don't forget to connect the virtual NIC

After installed:

VMware Tools I suggest that you do not pretend, not too stable, and slower

If you want to install it, use a virtual disk to mount the Unlock-all-v110toolsdarwin.iso in that Mac patch.


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