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Small series contact system integration, because of the limited resources around, so only in the VMware virtual environment to do some testing. Now that the latest VMware Workstation V8 has been released, the update not only streamlines the original installation files, maintains its original quality, but also supports 32-bit and 64-bit systems with a great improvement in functionality and ease of use.

After the virtual machine is installed, VMware will virtual out of two network cards on the host, and can see more VMware network adapter VMNET1 (HOST-ONLY) and VMware Network in the WINDOWS2003 Web properties Adapter VMnet8 (NAT), these two network cards are virtual machine and host Communication bridge, we can imagine as a host of a network card, is connected with the virtual machine.

Host-only: Mode is equivalent to network card direct connection

Bridged: Mode is equivalent to through the hub

NAT: equivalent to routing.

The following network card modes are available in the VMware Workstation:

1. birdged: Bridging mode

A virtual machine on a VMware Workstation is like a stand-alone host on a network that has access to any machine on the network, has its own independent IP, and can even access machines on other networks via Gateway,route.

2. NAT: Address Translation mode

Virtual machines on VMware Workstation can share an IP with the host

3. Host-only: Host Mode

VMware Workstation can only communicate with host (equivalent to two machines connected by twisted pair)

4. Custom: Customizing mode

Small series try to use the host-only and bridged two ways, the following are explained separately:

First, set the network to host-only in VMware Workstation

1. On the virtual machine Linux system to set the IP card

2. Set up VMware network adapter VMnet1 (host-only) IP as in the host windows2003

3. Will windows2003 and Linux restart, you can communicate

Second, in VMware Workstation network set to bridged

1. On the virtual machine Linux system to set the IP card

2. Set the physical network card IP as in the host windows2003

3. Will windows2003 and Linux restart, you can communicate

In bridged mode North Street also tested other servers in the same segment to access VMware Workstation Linux systems, as well as Linux access to other servers on the local area network.

See here, I'm sure you can get the VMware Workstation network done.

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