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In many ways to achieve remote office, the use of VPN technology should be a safe and efficient method. With the help of VPN technology, the enterprise outgoing Office staff can connect to the enterprise's VPN server at any time, and then connect to the enterprise internal network. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, hardware-based VPN solutions are not acceptable to small businesses or to the general user. However, with the "Routing and Remote Access" service of the Windows 2000/2003 system, users can fully implement software-based VPN.

A VPN (Virtual private network) is a virtualized private network that creates a temporary, secure, simulated point-to-point connection through a public network, such as the Internet. This is an information tunnel through the public network, which can be safely transmitted through the public network through this tunnel. Therefore, users can also be described as "network in the network". The key to secure data transmission is that the VPN uses the tunneling protocol, and the current common tunneling protocols are PPTP, L2TP and IPSec.

The application scope of VPN is very extensive, such as the bandwidth upgrade of the original dedicated line network of enterprise, the situation that the enterprise remote user needs to realize remote access, the confidentiality and availability of the communication lines require high users (such as securities, insurance Enterprises), the original line network connection of the enterprise is backed up, etc.

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