Ways to make Windows 8 more like Windows 7

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The biggest change in the operating interface of the Windows 8 OS is the introduction of the Metro UI interface, which automatically goes into the Metro interface, or "desktop", which is mainly for the use of touch screen users. However, this "desktop" operation, for us without touch screen users, with the mouse and keyboard operation module interface, obviously is very inconvenient.

Desktop default in Metro's lower left corner

Of course the system boot into the Metro UI interface, does not mean that the traditional "desktop" is gone. In fact, the traditional "desktop" is by default arranged in the lower left corner of the module interface, we only need to click on the module, we can access the familiar Windows desktop (or press the win button). But the system boot, we all want to do this again, it seems very cumbersome. So, in order for the new "Windows 8" system to boot up like "Win7", we need to get Windows 8 into the system and go straight to the desktop.

Create a shortcut to show desktop

To make the Windows 8 system boot up, skip Metro and go straight to the desktop, we need to take advantage of the task Scheduler that comes with the Windows system. But first we'll create a "show desktop" shortcut.

First we need to open Notepad and type some code inside:






Type a section of code to show shortcuts to your desktop

When you finish editing the text, click "File" and save as, while saving the file name extension as "SCF". For example, "SHOWDESKTOP.SCF".

Set up a new Task Scheduler retrieve the boot desktop

Then we use Windows's own "Task Scheduler" for the system to add a task schedule, so that "Windows 8" into the system, the direct execution of "SHOWDESKTOP.SCF" to display the desktop, eliminating the trouble of manual clicks.

Turn on Computer Management to find the Task Scheduler

First we first "computer" right button, click "Management", open "Computer Management", find "Task Scheduler" (of course, we can also find in the Control Panel "Computer Management").

Click "Create task" to start a task name

New "Trigger"

Then click on the Triggers tab and select New. Then, in the Start Task Drop-down menu in the new window, select Login, and click OK to finish.

New "Action"

Then click the "Action" tab and click "New". Then in the new window, click "Browse" and select "SHOWDESKTOP.SCF" to show the specific path of the desktop shortcut. Then click OK to complete the operation.

The Criteria tab

Finally, on the Criteria tab, select Uncheck if you want to start tasks only when your computer is using AC power. Then click "OK" to complete the creation of the new task.

A newly created good Boot execution task

The previous series of actions, as well as the creation of tasks, allows the Windows 8 system to skip the Metro UI interface by performing a "Show desktop" shortcut at startup. This will make it look less "Windows 8".

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